What Feng Shui is and Why You Should Use It

If you want to create more harmony and health in your home, it’s time to embrace the art of feng shui. Feng shui commenced in China over 3,000 years ago. It’s is the art of placement that teaches us how to balance and harmonize energies in a space.

In literal sense, “feng” means air and “shui” means water, which in Chinese culture are both associated with good health. On the other hand, bad feng shui can mean bad luck and misfortune.

Feng shui is composed of a system of rules that govern spatial arrangement in relation to qi (the flow of energy). Qi (pronounced “chi”) is believed to move from one space to another, and through feng shui, homeowners can bring good energy flow into any given space, whether it’s your home office, bedroom or kitchen.

If you want to promote more balance, happiness and success in your home, use these 3 key feng shui tips.

1. Start with Your Front Door

The first step to good feng shui is your entry door. Your entire house gets energy from your front door, so it’s crucial you take the simple steps to enhance good energy.

First off, ensure there’s a clear path to your front door. An unobstructed, open flow of energy to your front door is so important. Make sure there are no recycling bins, dead plants, shovels or any other obstructions blocking the flow of energy.

You also may consider repainting it an auspicious colour such as red or blue, depending on your exterior design. A fresh coat of paint and a well cared for door will ensure better energy for your home. The more balanced and proportionate your front door is to your home, the better the quality of energy for everyone in the house.

2. Harmonize Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms of your house, so make sure you do everything you can to let good energy in. A minimal, uncluttered bedroom ensures less stress and more relaxation.

Do everything you can to promote a better sleep, such as investing in a good, comfortable mattress and a solid headboard, and ensure your bed is as balanced as can be. Make sure you have two night stands (one on each side), that you can access your bed from both sides and that the furniture on either side of your bed is balanced with the other.

3. Create A Productive Home Office

Your home office should foster as much productivity as possible, and you can easily do this with feng shui. With good feng shui, you’ll feel more creative, effective and ready to take on any task at hand!

Air purifying plants are a great addition to any home office to refresh good energy of both yourself and the space. Natural light is also key. Invest in quality windows so your body gets plenty of natural light.

You’ll also want to set yourself up in a command position to keep your energy strong and more protected. In feng shui, the command position is a spot furthest from the door but not directly in line with the door. It’s usually diagonal from the door and facing the door.

Feng shui can completely transform your space, bringing it better energy and harmony. Use these ideas to elevate your home in a few easy steps.