What A Finish! Dressing Up Your Home With Decorative Accents


You don’t have to do a full scale renovation to enhance the look of your home’s exterior. You can add a whole lot of pizzazz for a comparatively small amount of money simply by adding some decorative accents.

Extra detail at the rooflines, added dimension around the windows, a beautifully appointed entryway and handsomely crafted corners. Those are the kinds of ‘little things’ that give a home personality and style. Each accent may be small on its own, but together they can create a truly transformative effect.

Designer trims, columns, arches and shutters are just a few of the decorative elements offered by Gentek to add colour and dimension to your home. We call it TrimEssentials by Gentek® and we work with our favourite manufacturers to provide you with decorative elements you can use to jazz up your home’s appearance.

Here are a few of the industry-leading companies we work with. If you’re planning a project, their websites are sure to provide inspiration.

Chemcrest (www.chemcrest.com):  The choice of architects, designers and contractors worldwide, Chemcrest offers hundreds of exterior products including decorative mouldings, columns and porch posts, decorative millwork and louvers. All products are made with high density polyurethane, which is precision fitting, lightweight and easier to install than traditional products.

AZEK  (www.azek.com): Giving the look and feel of wood without the maintenance issues, AZEK products can add that designer look and dimension to any home. Their trims for exterior windows and doors can be moulded and shaped into many different styles. Using traditional tools and fasteners, AZEK trim products can be worked just like wood – even mitered, routed, and turned on a lathe.

Novik (www.novik.com):  Novik is a Quebec firm specializing in the design and manufacture of polymer exterior coverings and decorative products, including shutters and columns. Simply adding shutters or changing the style or colour of existing shutters can transform the look of your home. Novik offers a wide variety of styles and colours to match any home style.

Go ahead, accentuate the positives of your home!