Top 7 DIY Projects to Make Your Home Look Beautiful 

There’s nothing like a few DIY projects to make your home complete. DIY projects are money savvy and offer a unique touch to your space. This can be especially useful to set your home apart if you live in a subdivision where all the interiors and exteriors were designed to look the same. Make your home stand out with these 10 DIY projects that are sure to make your home look beautiful! 

1. Add Trim to Your Indoor Windows 

Everybody talks about the importance of exterior window trim, but did you know you can also add your own trim to your indoor windows to give them charm and character? Interior trim looks best when coordinated with baseboards and crown moulding. There are different styles of interior window trim, including Colonial, Craftsman, Ranch and Provincial. Each style adds architectural interest to your home and is the perfect DIY project! 

2. A Stenciled Accent Wall

Is there a pattern you absolutely love and would like to have in your home? Stencil the pattern to create an accent wall! It’s much more affordable than a wallpaper installation, and depending on the size of the wall you choose to stencil, it should only take a couple of days- perfect for a weekend project! 

3. Apply Bead Board Wallpaper In Your Powder Room

Looking to add some charm to your small powder room? Installing bead board wallpaper along the walls will enhance the aesthetic of an otherwise boring space. It’s much more time and cost effective than using real wood bead board and looks just as wonderful!

4. Create Your Own Built In Bookcases 

Every home could benefit from more storage space, and one of the most beautiful ways to add more storage is with built in bookcases. Place them in your home office, family room, or your basement or flex space. You can use IKEA bookcases that are easily pieced together and give them the built in look with a bit of trim or moulding around the top. This will make it look original to the room.

5. Switch Out Your Light Fixtures

Changing up the light fixtures in your rooms can completely transform your home. Especially if your home still has the original fixtures, which are likely a bit dull and lacklustre, switching them out with more stylish fixtures is a DIY project that will take your decor up a few notches. 

6. DIY Entryway 

Don’t have a built-in mudroom in your home? Create a DIY entryway so your family and guests can store their shoes, jackets, bags and keys. Set up a bench with a floor mat underneath and hang a shelf with hooks for a charming entryway that suits your home perfectly. 

7. Paint Your Staircase

Is your staircase stuck in the ‘90s? Painting your staircase can give new life to your home, especially if it’s located somewhere that really catches the eye. Black and white staircases are sleek and charming, and work in a range of home styles from contemporary to farmhouse. Paint your treads and rails in a dark shade you love and paint the risers and spindles white. 

If your home is crying for a few updates, try these DIY projects to make your home look beautiful!