Top 5 Window Seat Ideas

Window seats offer cozy and stylish spots that elevate your home. Whether you live in a country house with 5 kids, or a 2-bedroom high rise with your significant other, window seating blends style and function to give you a space you’ll love to cozy up in.

Window seats are often multi-functional, offering a spot to sit, as well as extra storage for your home. Place them in the rooms that make most sense for you and your lifestyle.

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If you’ve been thinking about window seating for your home, here are 5 ideas for how to go about it.

1. Breakfast Nook

Do you have a nook in your kitchen that you know can be used for more than just empty space? Create a breakfast nook with comfy window seating. Add a small table so your family can come together over morning coffee. It will also provide a nice spot to hangout throughout the day, catching up after work or eating dessert later at night.

2. Built-in Book Case

A built-in book case is a great addition to a window seat in your living area. It can run the length of the window seat, or you can cut it off where you see fit. Top the seat with a comfortable cushion and throw pillows and it will transform into the perfect reading haven. Peruse through a magazine while enjoying the gorgeous view out your window.

3. Children’s Sanctuary

A window seat in your child’s room is a fun and functional décor trick. It offers another place for him/her and their friends to sit and play, as well as a spot to daydream, colour or read on their own. You can also add drawers into the window seat to store clothes and toys so they’re not sprawled all over the room.

4. Party Seating

If you love to host parties, big or small, a window seat in your living space offers additional seating for your guests. They can mix and mingle, and not have to worry about getting a spot on the sofa. Outfit your window seat to match the rest of your room, but give it some unique pops so it stands out as a focal point.

5. Mudroom Saviour

The mudroom is often a space that’s a little out of order. Use a window seat to create extra storage for bags, boots and shoes. It’s a clever way to enhance practicality and function in a room that is known to get messier than the rest.

These 5 window seat ideas will add comfort, style, and function to your home. Combine cozy seating with the perfect window and you’ll have a space that wows.