Top 2019 Exterior Home Colour Trends

2019 is almost here, and it’s time to start thinking about new home upgrades. If you’re planning a home remodel or simply want to spruce up your exterior with a new colour palette, you’re going to want to take note! This upcoming year, home exteriors are going to be dominated by bold, new trends as well as contemporary twists on old classics.

Whether you’re in the market for brand new siding and need to make a colour choice, or are looking for exterior paint, check out Gentek’s World of Colour for all your exterior colour needs! Here are the top 2019 exterior home colour trends you need to know!

Dark and Bold

There’s no denying that homeowners are getting bolder with their colour choices, both inside and out. 2019 will see more of the dark and bold exterior trend, with shades like charcoal, dark blue, black and dark green dominating exterior colour palettes.

These shades will be used alongside each other, illuminating the dark-on-dark appeal. They’ll be used in various combinations of main and accent colours for exteriors that make a dramatic, bold statement. Since dark palettes work for home styles ranging from contemporary to modern to mid-century, you can rock the dark and bold trend whatever your home style may be!

Cool Neutrals are In

Cool neutrals like soft grays, mid-tone blues and earthy terra cottas will be making their way to home exteriors in 2019. Neutrals have always been popular in the home exterior world, but you don’t have to settle for lack-lustre shades like beige and taupe. Cool neutrals still pair seamlessly with other colours, but they give your home a more lively, comforting feel.

Wellness and Zen

Your home should be a place where relaxation and self care are top priority. With the rise of wellness influencing indoor and outdoor spaces alike, homeowners are beginning to bring zen design elements to their exterior colour palettes as well. Earthy shades like slate grays and cool greens convey a peaceful ambience and will undoubtedly create a zen exterior.

Don’t Forget the Classics

One of the most classic colour palettes is a white exterior with black trim. This colour combo is striking, beautiful and ideal for traditional homes. Don’t worry, this timeless trend isn’t going anywhere, but you’ll see the addition of shades such as grays and blues this upcoming year. Any colour that conveys warmth and comfort is a shade that you’ll find on 2019 home exteriors.

Updating your home is always an exciting venture! Stay ahead of the trends with 2019’s home exterior colour guide!