Think Outside the Bench: 7 Ideas for Garden and Backyard Benches for Any Home

When you’re stuck in the middle of a polar vortex, it helps to daydream of spring and summer weather and all the fun upgrades you can make to the exterior of your home. One of the best ways to add visual appeal and functionality to your outdoor space? A garden/backyard bench! Outdoor benches allow you to enjoy time outside when the weather is nice and are also a great way to decorate your exterior. Here are 7 outdoor bench ideas for any home!

1. The Reading Bench

An outdoor bench dedicated to reading your favourite books is the most comfortable way to relax after a long day. Make sure it’s sturdy and has a back to it, and fill it with lots of throw pillows, a thick bottom cushion and blankets! You can also add a wooden stool to rest your feet and a book crate to place books and magazines to bring it all together.

2. Picnic Style Bench

If you love to entertain and have space on your back porch, add in an extra-long picnic style bench with a table. This outdoor bench style is a super simple addition and can seat a lot of people comfortably. You may consider placing it up against the side railing of your deck so your guests have some back support.

3. The Canopy Bench

Another option is going all out with your outdoor bench and putting in a canopy bench. This option gives a sense of extra luxury to your outdoor space. Add a canopy overtop a simple wooden bench using a pattern you love. Add an extra comfy seat cushion for the ultimate backyard retreat.

4. The Farm Style Bench

If you have a contemporary farmhouse style home, a farm style bench will compliment your exterior perfectly. Add one to your porch and make it extra inviting with comfy cushions and a throw. Benches in dark wood or crisp white give off the ultimate farm style vibes.

5. The Corner Bench

A unique way to add an outdoor bench is with a corner bench on your front or backyard porch. If you have a large porch with extra space, a corner bench (two benches that meet at a corner) offers space for multiple people to sit and also adds visual appeal to your porch. You can even add a raised platform in the middle of the two benches where you can place drinks and books.

6. The Garden Box Bench

Have you ever considered creating an outdoor bench with garden planters? A seating area with built-in planters will add a beautiful touch of nature to your porch. Have a planter on each side of the bench to maintain symmetry, and keep the bench and garden planters neutral in colour so the plants can shine!

7. The Simple Bench

If you have a smaller porch or want to add a bench under a tree in your garden, opt for a smaller, simple outdoor bench. A bench without armrests or a back will fit almost anywhere. Paint it in a colour that compliments your porch or garden and you’ll have a simple yet beautiful sitting area

An outdoor bench is a great way to make a cozy statement in your front or backyard. Use these ideas for garden and backyard benches for any home!