The Tiny Home Craze: What is a Tiny Home and is it for You?

There’s no denying that tiny homes are having a major moment. With the rise of minimalism and simple living, mixed with booming home prices, tiny homes seem to be the ideal solution. They’re cute, functional, and have just enough room for all your necessities. Lots of homeowners are choosing to downsize and simplify their lives by living with less, and they’re moving into tiny homes in place of big, spacious houses. But is tiny home living for you?

What is a Tiny Home?

Tiny homes typically refer to homes that are 400 square feet or smaller. They can be rented or owned, but a large percentage of tiny home dwellers own their tiny homes, and many of them choose to design and build their own tiny house.

Tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes, but they all carry the same benefits: Lower cost, a smaller environmental footprint, and the ability to live free from debt and hefty mortgages. Some tiny homes are parked on the land of a larger home or building, and some have their own lot. Others are constructed on a trailer so they can be easily moved and traveled in. There are plenty of options when it comes to tiny homes!

Designing Your Tiny Home

If tiny home living sounds like just what you need, designing your tiny home is the next step! Here are 3 main things to consider when designing your tiny home.

1. Siding

The siding you choose for your tiny home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when designing your house. You want your tiny home to be cladded in the strongest, most durable, and most stylish material available. Vinyl siding is chosen again and again for its beauty, durability and low maintenance, making it a premier choice for your tiny home. Or, if you want the look of wood for your tiny home, go for a steel siding like Distinction siding that will give you the gorgeous look of real wood, without the high maintenance.

2. Windows

Windows will be another key feature of your tiny home, since they can help make your little space feel a lot bigger. Windows have the ability to expand your space, so you don’t feel like you’re too closed in. The windows you choose will depend on your design style and the functionality you’re looking for. Vinyl and aluminum windows are both great options for your tiny home. Do your research to figure out which style and material will work best for you!

3. Explore Multifunctionality

Multifunctionality will be your saving grace when designing your tiny home. Look for a coffee table that opens up into storage space, a bookshelf that turns into a desk, an ironing board that doubles as a full length mirror…you get the gist. You should also consider more innovative architecture, like having a bunk bed that comes out from the wall at night, but is tucked away during the day.

The tiny home craze is on the rise. Are you ready to join in?