The Perfect Window Style for Each Room in Your House

Whether building or renovating a home, picking the right windows can be challenging. Modern windows can add style and functionality and improve your home’s energy efficiency. While quality craftsmanship, cleaning, and maintenance are points to consider, window requirements may differ per room. Use these recommendations to help choose the perfect window for each room in your house:

1. Bedroom Windows

Bedroom windows should make your room feel brighter and more spacious. Traditional double-hung windows are a popular choice for bedrooms in Canadian homes. This window style tilts outward at an angle for easy cleaning. Choose windows that are double- or triple-glazed for greater energy efficiency. 

2. Bathroom Windows

Bathrooms benefit from windows that open quickly to release excess humidity. Awning windows can provide ample light and ventilation. This window style is hinged at the top and extends outward to protect the room from rain and wind. Awning windows can be placed higher on a wall for added privacy, and they efficiently operate with a crank arm. 

3. Kitchen Windows

You should be able to easily control air ventilation in the kitchen. In addition to providing secure ventilation, casement windows open outward with an easy-touch crank handle. To enhance security, most casement windows come with a multi-point lock system. 

4. Living Room Windows

The living room is perfect for large picture windows, which provide unobstructed views and ample natural light. It’s common to combine picture windows with awning windows for ventilation as picture windows do not open. Picture windows are available in many styles and sizes to suit every home. Don’t forget to consider appropriate furniture placement around your windows. 

5. Basement Windows 

Keep your basement safe and secure with windows that let in light and airflow in the smallest of spaces. Choose between basement hopper windows that open inward or slider windows that glide horizontally.