The Most Important Home Technology for 2020

With life becoming increasingly busier and convenience becoming top priority, home technology is front of mind for many homeowners today. Technology has become an essential part of day to day life, making life more efficient, comfortable, entertaining and safe. Rather than investing in new homes, people are choosing to invest in their own homes, outfitting them with smart devices and spending more time enjoying their comforts and advancements. Smart homes are quickly becoming the norm, and for good reason. Check out the most important home technology for 2020.

1. Smart Home Hubs

Smart home hubs are one of the most popular forms of home technology. A smart home hub controls the devices in your smart home from a single interface. From smart lights to smart locks, thermostats and more, smart home hubs allow you to operate everything on the same wavelength. Products like the Amazon Echo Dot, Google Home and Samsung SmartThings Hub are some of the most used smart home hubs today, changing how people are interacting with their homes.

2. Home Security

Home security has completely transformed over the past few years, and more homeowners are recognizing the importance of implementing multiple security elements for their home. Advanced security cameras, window sensors and smart doorbells are just a few of the security features you can now outfit your home with. They’re easy to install, use, and they’re more affordable than you may think. There are even smart locks you can control remotely and use to keep tabs on who is entering and leaving your home. 

3. Pet Technology

Home technology has expanded from human focused to pet focused. Pets are more than just animals- they’re part of the family, and tech companies are honing in on the love we have for our pets. There are plenty of smart gadgets for animals, including dog cameras, pet activity trackers, smart pet beds, pet calming products and more. Pet technology makes owning a pet easier, more convenient and more fun. 

4. Smart Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and smart kitchens are all the rage. There are smart refrigerators, chock full of cool features, from setting meal schedules, to reading recipes while you cook, to syncing grocery lists to your phone. There are high speed smart toasters, smart blenders, kitchen scales, custom espresso machines and so much more. These gadgets were created to save people the hassle and time, and make the kitchen even more of a family hub.

5. Entertainment Systems

Home entertainment has changed in a big way. With streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus, entertainment is at our fingertips like never before. We’re spending more time binging our favourite series and spending Friday nights at home watching movies instead of going to the theatre. Smart entertainment systems connect and automate all of your audio and video devices with a single remote. Access movies, stream videos and enjoy music with an easy-to-use system the whole family can use.

There’s no question that home technology has undergone a revolution. These are the 5 most important home technologies for 2020.