The Bro Shed: Reimagining the Man Cave



If you thought the man cave was a brilliant idea, just wait until you hear about the bro shed. Rather than designating a room in your house to be a place for the boys, why not have an entire shed devoted to bro-ing out?

We all need a space we can hang out, unwind, and be ourselves, and sometimes both men and women need time away from their significant other. That’s why the bro shed is the ideal way to check out and relax after a long day at work.

Whether you want to put a TV in there, fill it with books, a mini bar, or create a secluded office space to work on your side project, fill your bro shed with your favourite items to create a space that’s yours. You can renovate it any way you please and truly convert your shed into a space you can’t wait to spend time in at the end of a long day.

Whether you have a shed that’s just taking up space in your yard, or you want to build one from scratch, here are 5 ways to reimagine the man cave and make your bro shed the most epic hangout space.

1. Interior Siding

If you want a rustic bro shed, consider lining the walls with specialty siding. Sagiper Siding (available at Gentek!) can be used for the interior walls and ceilings of your bro shed. It’s extremely durable, maintenance free, and easy to install if you want to take on the project yourself. The vinyl coating looks like wood, so you can get the rustic feel without the hassle of wood maintenance.

2. Natural Light

Just because you want your bro shed to be low key and secluded, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have any natural light. Quality windows will ensure your space has light ventilation, and brings the outdoors in. Choose from a variety of Gentek windows for ones that suit your bro shed, look good and are low maintenance.

3. An Epic Entry

Your shed can also have an epic entry way with the right entry door. Whether you want double doors that give you a grand opening, or a door with a panel of glass that adds light to your bro shed, you have tons of entry door options to choose from with Gentek. The exterior look of your bro shed is just as important as what’s inside!

4. Paint It

That being said, you can also paint the exterior of your bro shed to reflect your design style. At Gentek, you can get paint codes for ICI/Dulux paints to match your Gentek siding. The ICI/Dulux paints resist fading, abrasions, and aging. They’re long-lasting finish can give your bro shed an upscale appearance in your favourite colour.

5. Make It Your Own

Your bro shed is your space, so make it your own. The furniture, décor and finishes should reflect you and be the ideal space where you can relax and take a load off at the end of the day. The interior and exterior are yours to put your stamp on, so make the most of your bro shed!