The Best Small Space Solutions for Your Tiny Home 

More homeowners are making the move toward small space living. Whether they choose to downsize to a condo, or a tiny home on wheels, many homeowners are choosing more minimalist lifestyles. Small space living helps the environment, saves you money, and provides you with easier maintenance for your space. Plus, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing style. Take a look at 8 small space solutions for your tiny home. 

1. Say Goodbye to Bedside Tables 

Bedside tables end up taking up a lot of space, plus they can be another place for clutter. Rather than placing bedside tables beside your bed, frame your bed with built-in closets. This provides you with more storage for your belongings and also looks sleek and sophisticated. 

2. Sectional Seating

You may think that larger furniture is a faux pas for a small space, but that’s not actually the case. A sectional is a great option for your tiny home as it will easily accommodate your family and guests, and ensures you’re not wasting any space. 

3. Wall Mounted Lighting 

Table and floor lamps can take up prime real estate in your home. Opt for wall mounted sconces in spaces like your bedroom and living room, and use pendants in your kitchen over your island. This will free up space that you can use more practically. 

4. Create a Stunning Focus

If your home is small and narrow, use stunning pieces like metallic bar stools to take the focus off the narrow space and move it over to something that catches the eye. Show stopping pieces will distract from the fact that your space is on the smaller side. 

5. Add a Bar Cart

Bar carts not only allow you to store things like booze, books and barware, they also add visual style to your space. You can move a bar cart around from room to room as needed, and it’s a great piece to increase the chicness of your home. 

6. White Floors 

White floors instantly make your space look bigger. They reflect light, opening up your space and make your home feel light and airy. White floors work flawlessly for Scandinavian style decor- add light wood pieces and black accents to complete the look. 

7. Layer Different Textures 

Layering different textures will give your space more dimension. Whenever you put the focus on tactile elements like a fringed rug or a faux fur blanket, it makes your space seem more layered, and is ultimately more stylish. 

8. Pocket Doors 

Pocket doors, AKA doors that “disappear” inside the wall when opened, not only save wall space, they also give your home a more open feel, which is key for small space living. Standard swinging doors can take up 10 or more square feet, so swapping them with pocket doors gives you more space for furniture and decor. 

If you’re making the move to small space living, use these 8 small space solutions for your tiny home!