The Best IKEA Hacks for Your Home

IKEA is one of the best creations in the past century. Their affordable yet quality furniture has made them a go-to household name for one-bedroom apartments and grande estates alike. One of the best things about IKEA pieces? Many of them can be transformed and given completely new functions! It may take a little DIY, but with the help of some paint and a few additions here and there, these IKEA hacks will completely elevate your home!

1. Turn Your BORRBY Lantern into a Terrarium

We love the idea of a large lantern holding a glistening candle in your indoor or outdoor space, but this lantern can also do double duty in the warmer months, or if you don’t like the idea of burning candles inside. Create a terrarium with some soil, charcoal and plants to add a decorative and earthy piece to your living space!

2. Transform Your MOSSLANDA Picture Ledge into a Bathroom Shelf

Is it just us, or does there never seem to be enough storage in the bathroom? If you’re nodding your head in agreement, place the MOSSLANDA picture ledge above your faucet and below your mirror to hold items like soap, toothpaste and hand cream.

3. Change the VOLFGANG Chair into a Chic Gold Masterpiece

On its own, IKEA’s VOLFGANG chair is nice, but lacks personality. An easy way to give it some glam? Spray paint the legs gold and place a chic faux fur throw over the chair to give it a touch of class.

4. Turn Your LACK Coffee Table into a Chic Coffee Table

We have to bet that everyone knows someone that has a LACK coffee table (even if that someone is you!). Rather than leaving it as is, find chic coffee table legs you love, and replace them with the lower shelf and legs on the LACK coffee table. This hack is sure to elevate your living room.

5. Make the STENBAR Plant Pot into a Legged Plant Pot

The STENBAR plant pot is cute as it is, but add some dimension by adding legs to to the bottom so your plants stand even taller. Get multiple pots and place them around your home to bring the outdoors in in the most stylish way.

6. Turn the VITTSJO Laptop Table into a Glamorous Bar Cart

All you need to turn this desk into a stylish bar cart? Some spray paint, a thick acrylic sheet and caster wheels. Paint the bar cart in any colour that suits your interior style, and add the acrylic sheet and wheels to the bottom so you can move it around your home. Finish it off by placing your favourite boozy beverages and glassware on the top.

7. Transform a plain KNAGGLIG Box into a Storage Box for Blankets and Throws

This sturdy storage box is often used for tools and gardening tools, but give it some warmth by painting it a creamy shade and use it as a beautiful storage box for your blankets and throws. Buy two and stack them on top of each other to give your space more dimension.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home interior, use these IKEA hacks to make your old pieces look new again!