The Benefits and Advantages of Installing Alu-Rex Gutter Protection


Standard rain gutters are open in order to collect water that runs off the roof; nevertheless, they still allow debris to accumulate. Gutters equipped with Alu-Rex leaf guards, however, are protected from debris without compromising rainwater drainage. Gutter guards like the Gutter Clean System or the T-Rex continuous hanger can prevent gutter damage and avoid costly house repair.

Reduce gutter maintenance and cleaning

Gutter covers save you from cleaning the inside of your gutters. Leaves land on top of the Gutter Clean System or T-Rex leaf guard before the wind blows them away. You no longer need to climb a ladder several times a year to clean your gutter system. It is the most effective way to soothe your worries!

Prevent costly roof damage

Whether you attach your gutters with the T-Rex or protect them with Alu-Rex’s Gutter Clean System, the goal is the same: protect your gutters from obstructions. Clogs of leaves and debris prevent water from draining effectively. This causes water to rise to the fascia and the roof. The gutter becomes less solid, and the house could be subject to water infiltration. By preventing obstructions, leaf guards also prevent water infiltration into the roof.

Prevent water infiltration in the basement

Another problem caused by clogged gutters is frequent overflow. Water that falls near your house can penetrate the foundations as well, thereby ruining flowerbeds in the process. Water infiltration is a serious problem that a single Alu-Rex product could prevent by allowing rainwater to flow freely into the gutter, unobstructed by debris.

Protect gutters against the damaging effects of ice and snow

Snow and ice remain on top of the gutter with the T-Rex or Gutter Clean System. Gutters will not sag under the weight of snow or warp from the freezing and thawing effect of ice, and they work all year long. This is how gutter guards extend a gutter’s life.