Summer is Coming! Grab Some Amazing Patio Ideas and Start Planning

It may be hard to believe, but winter is finally coming to an end and summer is on our heels. One of the best things about summer is the start of patio season and the ability to sit outside for hours on end in the warmth. Whether it’s open or closed, a nice patio in your backyard is the cherry on top of a beautiful home. A patio allows you to sit outside and read, entertain family and friends, and enjoy nature just outside your home. Check out our amazing patio ideas so you can start planning for your dream patio today!


If you have a small patio space, all you need are a few accessories and decor pieces to make it stylish and comfortable. Add a couple throw pillows, a rug, and a small drink stand to hold sparkling water and other refreshments for you and your guests.

Pick Low Maintenance Plants

Plants will breathe life into your patio, making it look colourful and refreshed! But if you don’t have much of a green thumb, your plants may end up wilting, making your patio look worse off. Select low maintenance plants, like succulents, sunflowers and evergreen vines to add contrasting colours and textures without the upkeep!

Add a Bar Cart

A stylish bar cart is a great addition to any patio! They look chic and create a convenient place to put snacks and drinks, so you don’t have to constantly take trips inside. Fill the top of the bar cart with cookies, finger sandwiches and fruit, and put refreshments and bar tools like shakers on the bottom!

Put in Trendy Lighting

Don’t just add lighting to your patio, make sure it’s trendy lighting! If your patio is completely open-air style, add a set of string lights overhead. It’s an affordable way to make a really chic statement. If you have an indoor patio, lighting such as lanterns and hanging wicker pendants will add visual appeal!

Mix and Match Your Chairs

A patio is definitely a space where you can have some fun with your decor. If you have a table on your patio for eating meals and entertaining outside, why not use mix and match your chairs? If you have seating for six, try four matching chairs with two other matching chairs on the table ends, or three sets with two of each matching each other. Or, you can go all out and use six different chairs! Make sure the chairs all complement each other and the table, but it’s a fun way to switch things up!

Paint Your Floor

Painting your patio floor is a great way to refresh the space! If it’s an open air patio, it’s likely wood, so you can stain or paint it to give it a face lift, especially if it’s seen better days. You can also paint a concrete patio, giving it some much needed colour and personality!

If you’re ready for patio season, make these simple additions to your patio to welcome the warm weather!