Stand Out From the Crowd with Coloured Windows

There are many decisions you have to make when building or renovating your home- one of the main ones being your windows. Along with size, type and style, you also have to make a decision on colour- and specifically, the colour of your window frames. While white windows are the norm, coloured windows are gaining popularity. They help you stand out in your neighbourhood and give your exterior a dose of personality. Whether you’re thinking of going bold with colour, or keeping it colourfully neutral, here are our tips for choosing coloured windows for your home.

1. Consider Your Home Style

When deciding on the colour of your windows, it’s important to draw inspiration from your home style. If your home design is more traditional, try colours that contrast with your house colour. If you have a modern or contemporary home style, you may want something a bit less ornamental. Opt for a window trim colour that blends in with or complements your siding colour. If your siding is light grey, go with a medium or dark grey for your windows. Black windows are also having a moment and can work for both traditional and contemporary homes, and everything in between.

2. Match Your Existing Colour Palette

Stay within your existing colour palette when choosing colours for your windows, and don’t forget, you should be taking inspiration from your interior as well as exterior. Your choice should be informed by your siding colour, as well as your interior walls, furnishings and decor. Colour palettes are divided into warm and cool colours. Stay within your palette to narrow down which colour to use for your window frames. Match cools to cools and warms to warms for the best result!

3. Tips for Going Bold

Colourful windows don’t have to be bold, but if you want to go the bold route, you’re sure to have an exterior that’s lively and unexpected. If you decide to go bold for your windows, keep your siding more neutral or in a similar colour family to the window colour. Going bold with both can be a challenge and overwhelming to the eye. Stick with a neutral siding colour like white, cream or soft grey, so the bold frames pop in a sophisticated way.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Location

Depending on where you live, there could be a lot of dirt and grime in the air. If you’re in the city centre, near a freeway, or by a construction zone, it’s probably wise to choose a colour that camouflages dirt. Mid-tone greys and taupes are wise choices, while colours like navy, black and slate grey tend to show dust and dirt the most. If you live in a hot, sunny climate, lighter shades won’t absorb heat or fade as quickly as dark ones will. 

With such a wide range of colour choices available, the thought of picking one for your windows can be overwhelming. Use our tips to help your narrow down colours and choose the perfect one for your home!