Spring Decor Ideas (On a Budget)

The snow is melting, the temperature is rising- it’s starting to feel like spring! You can turn off your fireplace and put away your faux fur throws, because we’re coming at you with gorgeous spring decor ideas that won’t break the bank! One of the most exciting things to do when the season transitions is change up the decor in your home. Small changes like switching out your throw pillows and creating a herb garden in your kitchen, can make a big difference in making your home feel like spring. Check out 6 amazing spring decor ideas on a budget!

1. Repaint Your Front Door

Painting your front door is one of the most budget-friendly updates you can do to your home and it will make all the difference! Spring is a great time to do exterior upgrades, and your front door is a good place to start. Give it a fresh new coat of colour to create a more inviting entrance, welcoming guests to your beautiful space.

2. Flower Arrangements (From the Supermarket)

Fresh flower arrangements are a wonderful way to welcome spring and add some colour and life to your space! You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a florist-designed look. Most supermarkets sell flower arrangements that look just as chic as the ones you get at a flower shop- or you can get creative and arrange them yourself in your favourite vase!

3. Switch Out Your Throws and Pillows

Faux fur, plaid and tartan patterns may have dominated your space during winter, but it’s time to brighten things up with more playful patterns for spring. Switching out the throws and pillows on your couches, chairs and bed is an affordable way to get your decor ready for spring. Opt for pastel and neutral shades, and patterns in stripes and florals.

4. Hang Spring Printables

A quick search on Google or Pinterest will bring you to gorgeous spring-inspired printables you can frame and put up on the wall. From spring botany prints, to gardening printables, plant illustrations, and more, spring printables are a budget-friendly way to welcome the season into your home!

5. Create a Herb Garden in Your Kitchen

Not everyone has the time or money to go all out with a garden in their yard. If you want to venture slowly into gardening, a small herb garden in your kitchen is the way to go. Choose your favourite herbs and place them in vintage tins or small flower pots. They’ll look gorgeous and are also very functional to use while you cook!

6. Add Spring Scented Candles

Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, candles are always a great addition to your home. However, your candles should always complement the season! While woodsy, vanilla candles may have filled your home in the winter, switch them with more lightly scented candles that evoke feelings of radiant weather. Candles with notes of lavender, rosemary, jasmine and coconut are ones to look for.

Spring is so close we can taste it! Try these budget-friendly decor ideas to transition your space from winter to spring!