Simple Ways to Add Personality to Your Windows 

 One of the biggest mistakes people make with their homes is overlooking their windows. While there are more obvious style choices you can make, such as specialty siding or a custom front door, windows are another great way to add personality to your home. There are certain choices you can make, such as the colour and shape of your windows that can help you give both your exterior and interior your dream aesthetic. Here are 4 simple ways to add personality to your windows. 

1. Window Frames

When it’s time to replace your windows, you can opt for various materials for window frames, from vinyl to wood to aluminum and fiberglass. Consider your exterior and interior home style when choosing your window frame material, as the material will influence the aesthetics of your home. Wood and vinyl windows work well with more traditional, vintage or farmhouse styles, while aluminum and fiberglass work better for a more modern aesthetic. 

2. Window Frame Colours

Along with choosing your window frame material, you’ll also need to pick your window frame colours. Windows are available in a wide spectrum of colours, and you should choose based on your home’s architectural style as well as your personal style. White window frames work well with most design styles, and black window frames, which are very popular right now, can work for both modern and more traditional homes. You may consider adding a pop of colour to one of your rooms, or you may prefer to keep things consistent. 

3. Window Shapes

You can also add personality with your windows by choosing alternative window shapes for your home. Round or half-round window panes can give a unique look to your home, and gothic windows will give your home a Victorian feel. Triangle windows are a great way to add visual interest to your home, and oval shaped windows will give any room a dose of character. Not every window should be a unique shape, but a statement window or two is a great way to add appeal. 

4. Window Treatments

The right window treatments can completely transform a room. They’re often the last thing people consider, but since they play a big role in a room’s unity, it’s smart to give them ample thought and attention. While drapes offer a more formal look, curtains give off a more relaxed style. Shades are another great option and blinds come in an array of different materials to suit your home style. Consider using sheer fabrics to add layers, or pair thick wood slatted blinds and curtains together for added texture. Consistency is important for a home to feel cohesive, so use similar window treatments throughout the home, playing them up or down depending on the room. 

Your windows can make a significant difference to your interior and exterior aesthetic. Use these simple tips to add personality to your windows and give your home a face lift!