Siding and Roofing Colour Trends

The majority of your exterior is made up of your roof and siding, so it’s important that these two elements complement each other. You may choose to match your siding and roofing colours, or to contrast them. There are benefits to both, and your decision will depend on your personal preferences as well as the style of your home. Take a look at how to pair your siding and roofing colours to create a beautiful exterior. 

Colours Matter 

Different colours create different impacts. Lighter shades used for both your siding and roof will make your home appear larger, and will also soften stark architectural features. If you’re hoping for a more dramatic aesthetic, using darker colours in more neutral tones will help you make a bold statement. Medium tones create a more harmonious vibe, seamlessly blending architecture features so that nothing dramatically stands out. Consider the impact you want your home to make and factor that into your colour decision. 

Matching vs. Contrasting

The first decision you’ll make when choosing your roofing and siding colours is whether you’d like them to match or contrast. Grey siding with a grey roof is a common combination, as is brown on brown- or wood on wood, which creates a cozy, cabin-like vibe for your home. Contrasting colours is the more popular way to go. A white house with a dark grey roof creates a striking visual impact, while blue siding with a brown roof results in a calming, appealing exterior. 

Don’t Overmatch

When you’re matching your roofing and siding colours, an exact match isn’t necessary, and should actually be avoided. Using complementary colours works much better and is easier than trying to match your entire exterior. If you prefer the idea of a matching facade, stick with shades within the same colour family for your roof and siding. For example, your roof may be a darker version of your siding, within the same colour palette, such as a deep slate grey against a medium blue grey. 

Colour Tones

Whether you choose to match or contrast your roof and siding colours, consider colour tones. Warm tones are oranges, yellows, browns, reds, and golds, and cool colours are greens, blues, whites and purples. If you want a classic, traditional exterior, coordinate a cool-toned siding colour with a cool-toned roof, or a warm-toned siding colour with a warm-toned roof. If you want a more impactful exterior, go for a cool tone for your siding and a warm tone for your roof. Bold colour combinations will help you stand out, but classic colour combinations are a safer bet for boosting your home’s resale value.

Consider Your Home Features 

When choosing the colours for your siding and roofing, consider any features of your home exterior, such as a stone veneer foundation skirting, wood trim or shutters, or other decorative features. You want your entire exterior to work well together, so make sure the features will blend well with the colours you’ve chosen for your roof and siding. 

Revamping your exterior colours is a great way to enhance your home’s appearance. Play around with mixing and matching shades until you find the siding and roofing colours that work for you!