Say Hello With A Vibrant Front Door Colour Choice


Your home’s front door should be a dynamic focal point that brings together the colour scheme of your siding, windows and roof, enhancing curb appeal and offering a warm welcome to your guests. The colour you select for your home’s point of entry is also a reflection of your own personal style and taste.

For many, picking colours for any kind of exterior or interior décor is a challenge. It doesn’t always come naturally. But there is logic and science to colour choice, and a little bit of research will help you make an attractive choice. A great start is to look at a colour wheel.

Winning colour schemes based on the colour wheel include:

Monochromatic: Several shades of a single colour

Analogous: Colours found side by side on the colour wheel

Contrast: Three colours spaced evenly apart on the colour wheel

Complementary: Two hues opposite each other on the colour wheel

The style of your home is a good guide for what works and what doesn’t in choosing a front door colour. Take into account the materials of your exterior, the architectural style of your home, even the surrounding landscape.

In addition to siding and windows, Gentek offers a full selection of exterior building products, including a wide range of entry doors. You can choose from a wide selection of “First Impressions by Gentek” doors, which includes fiberglass, privacy, wrought iron and other styles.

Gentek’s ‘World of Colour’ features a full array of customer-preferred colours, making it easy to find the front door colour that perfectly matches and enhances your home’s exterior.  From Burgundy to Old World Blue, Venetian Red to basic Black, Gentek has a colour that you’ll love to come home to.