Rustic & Refined: Creating the Modern Farmhouse Look for Your Home

Farmhouse style has been popular for years in the home design world. Classic farmhouse style features elements that imitate farm homesteads such as natural wood, apron sinks, big, comfy furniture, vintage accessories and traditional fabrics such as paisley and tartan. While small doses of these features are still popular today, homeowners have moved towards a more modern approach to farmhouse style. 

Drawing on the relaxed farmhouse vibe, modern farmhouse style adds contemporary touches such as smooth lines, glossy features and neutral colour schemes. More sophisticated and less outwardly rustic, you’ll see granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and gorgeous industrial accents. It’s just about as good as it gets! Here’s how to create the modern farmhouse look for your home! 

Neutral Colour Palette

The modern farmhouse aesthetic is based in a neutral colour palette. A white and black kitchen with warm wood accents is quintessentially farmhouse. Think: white cabinetry, black rustic hardware and natural wood open shelving. For other rooms in your home, a combination of warm and cool neutrals such as cream, beige and grey should set the base for layering in some natural wood tones. A natural colour palette will make your home feel open and fresh, giving it a truly farmhouse vibe.

Board and Batten

Board and batten remains one of the best features to create the farmhouse look. Whether you use it on your interior or exterior walls, it will give your home historic appeal with a modern touch. It’s charming, elegant and textured, providing your home with exquisite beauty inside and out. Choose a few walls in your home to use board and batten to create farmhouse feature walls. Or use board and batten siding on your exterior to create a farmhouse facade.  

Clean-Lined Furniture 

To put a modern spin on farmhouse style, clean-lined furniture is the way to go. The rustic architecture of your home will set the scene, while sofas and other furniture in sleeker, more modern silhouettes will create the perfect combination for a modern farmhouse look. When it comes to large pieces such as couches or arm chairs, opt for warm, cozy neutrals like taupe or cream. A clean lined dining table and chairs in natural wood will also help create a beautiful modern farmhouse aesthetic. 

Get Industrial 

Industrial elements are an excellent way to bring a sense of modernity to the classic farmhouse look, and there may be no better room to do this than the kitchen. With more sophisticated elements like granite countertops and a glossy subway tile backdrop setting the scene, add in accents like industrial ceiling pendants and galvanized bar stools. Other industrial furniture ideas include an iron framed bed, industrial curtain rods, and galvanized metal and wood wall shelves. 

The modern farmhouse look is both rustic and refined. Use these elements to create the perfect combination of classic farmhouse and modern decor!