Regency 400 Windows – Looking for New Windows this Spring?

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and if you’re in the market for new windows this season, Gentek’s Regency 400 windows could be your perfect match. Regency 400 windows fit into any home style or design, so whether you have a modern or contemporary abode, you’ll get a sleek look with gorgeous features.

They’re available in all popular window styles including casements, double and single slider, double and single hung, awning and picture, so whatever look you have in mind, you can get with Regency 400 windows. Add to that, they’re extremely energy efficient, and you’ve hit a home run when it comes to window design.

Regency 400 Window Features

With Regency 400 windows, you get the perfect combination of style and function. The innovative design features an extra-strong 4-1/2” thick fusion-welded frame with the sash positioned closer to the interior part of the wall. This improves thermal protection against energy loss. The windows use high performance technology to achieve enduring style as well as easy upkeep, so you don’t have to have maintenance continuously on your mind.

The Peak of Energy Efficiency

Regency 400 windows are at the peak of energy efficiency, backed by the fact that they made it on the Most Energy Efficient listing in 2018, a title they’ve kept strong for the past 7 years. With Regency 400 windows, you can choose from a wide array of EnergyPlus and Solar Shield glass packages to help conserve energy. These packages allow you to customize your windows with the climate condition of your home in mind.

One of the most important components to a window’s energy efficiency is the spacer system, a thermal barrier that creates an insulating air space between the panes of glass. Regency 400 windows feature the Super Spacer, a non-metal, ultra-efficient system that provides superior energy efficiency and longevity, at the same time, enhancing the comfort of your home.

When you outfit your home with energy efficient windows, you’re not only helping the environment, you’re also able to cut down the cooling and heating costs of your home. Saving energy, the environment, and your own pockets? What could be better?

Variety of Decorative Options

Regency 400 windows are offered in a variety of popular colours to suit any home design. They’re available in a wide selection of extruded and painted colours to enhance both the interior and exterior of your home. You can also choose a custom paint colour if you have a specific shade in mind.

Regency 400 windows can be custom painted to match any of the Gentek exterior trim colours, so you have lots to choose from! You can also opt for interior grid patterns for your windows to add style and balance, V-grooved cut glass for a touch of elegance, as well as window accessories like jamb extensions and brickmoulds to finish off the look!

Are you looking for new windows this spring? Gentek’s Regency 400 windows check all the boxes!