Rain Gutter Installation During the Fall



No matter what time of the year, it is important to have efficient rain gutters installed on your residence. Several problems can arise from clogged or broken gutters, or if you don’t have gutters altogether for that matter, including water infiltration in the roof and the foundations. As this kind of problem can be complex and costly to resolve, it’s always better to make sure that your eavestroughs are in good condition, no matter the season.

Rain gutter installation during the fall

Since this is the season when dead leaves fall, it is important to have an efficient as well as a functional rain gutter system. Furthermore, make sure that water is drained adequately into the downspouts. There are often heavy rainstorms in the fall and it is essential that your gutters be in good working condition to manage all this water.

Preparing your eavestroughs for winter

With the coming winter, it is important to make sure that your rain gutters are operational and can withstand the added weight of ice and snow. If the gutter starts getting pulled loose from the fascia, you need to replace it or fix it firmly to the latter before the end of the fall season to prevent any problem that may arise during the cold season.

Installing your gutter protection system

Fall is the perfect season to start protecting your rain gutters. Gutter protection systems, also called leaf guards, feature several advantages. In addition to reducing maintenance and clearing of your gutters to a minimum, they prevent your eavestroughs from getting clogged because of leaves and other debris. Indeed, instead of ending up in your rain gutters, dead leaves will simply remain on top of the gutter protection system and be blown away by the wind.

Both the T-Rex and the Gutter Clean System produced by Alu-Rex allow reducing the risk of leaks into the roof and foundations by preventing obstructions in the gutters. They also come with a 40-year clog-free warranty. Moreover, these products allow excellent water drainage and strengthen the eavestrough to protect it against the added weight of ice and snow. Alu-Rex’s gutter protection products are the ideal solution if you are looking for the certainty of outstanding performance!