Put On A Happy Face With Exterior Colour

Colour is a critical element in the visual appeal of your home’s exterior. Attractive, complementary colours used in elements like siding, windows, soffit, fascia and trim can truly elevate your home’s appearance, adding that ‘wow’ factor.

Gentek proudly offers a full palette of colour choices, including custom options. Developments in technology have enabled Gentek to expand those choices over the years, especially in the spectrum of richer, darker colours. Gentek’s ChromaTrue® fade-defying technology is so successful that the company can offer a lifetime limited warranty against fading of its vinyl siding products.

ChromaTrue® is an advanced copolymer coating that not only delivers superior colour retention for a long-lasting, luxurious finish, but also resists chemical stains, dings and abrasions, and enhances weatherability by resisting yellowing and aging. (And in Canada where our climate can range from boiling hot to minus-a-lot, siding has to be built tough.)

Ensuring that all the elements of your home’s exterior match perfectly is the goal of Gentek’s Colour Clear Through® System. This exclusive selection of customer-preferred colours ensures that all Gentek products – siding, soffits, trim, fascia and rainware – match perfectly.

Windows are another area where colour has come a long way. Gentek Regency® window exteriors can be custom-painted to match any of Gentek’s trim colour palette. Interior window colour choices include extruded White and Beige, or an optional Dark Oak wood-grain laminate.

There’s more good news on the colour front. Gentek has worked with quality paint provider Dulux to ensure that colour-matched exterior paint is available for all of Gentek’s most popular colours. Painting your door trim, porch railings or other exterior accents is no longer a guessing game.

You can find out more about Gentek colour choices for siding and windows and download Dulux paint match formulas from this page. And don’t forget, you can use the MyDesign Home Studio to experiment with colour choices on your style of home.