Pick A Colour: Gentek Expands Its Vinyl Siding Palette

GTK_New_3profilesYour home’s exterior gives the first impression, and nothing says ‘Wow!’ like colour. Gentek already offers a full array of colour choices, including custom colour options. As of April 1, three attractive new vinyl siding colours will be available for ordering.

Coastal Blue, Mountain Arbor and Monterey Sand are the new options. Coastal Blue and Mountain Arbor will be available in our Sequoia Select and Board and Batten siding brands and are part of our Designer Dark Colour Selection.

Monterey Sand fits into the ever-popular earth-tone range of colours and will join our Classic Colours group. It will be available in all Gentek vinyl siding brands and will also be offered in Gentek vinyl soffits.  All three colours will be available in our aluminum flatstock.

Coastal Blue and Mountain Arbor are very attractive shades, part of the growing trend toward dark colours in vinyl siding and in home design in general. This has been made possible through advances in technology that now allow you to choose darker vinyl siding colours with confidence.

Gentek’s Chroma-True® colour formulation is an advanced copolymer compound that delivers superior colour retention for a long-lasting, luxurious finish. Chroma-True® allows us to offer a lifetime limited warranty against fading, even with our darkest, richest colours.

Our three new vinyl siding colours don’t just mean three new choices. We can offer a wide range of exciting new colour combinations to add lasting beauty to your home’s exterior. Some of the ones we are most excited about include:

  • Monterey Sand siding with Mountain Arbor trim
  • Monterey Sand Siding with Pebble trim
  • Mountain Arbor Siding with Almond or Wicker trim
  • Coastal Blue Siding with Dover Gray trim

Make sure you check out Gentek’s World of Colour before you make your vinyl siding decision.