Pantone’s 2020 Colour Palette is SERIOUSLY Colourful 

Pantone released its spring/summer 2020 trend report on September 6th- a guide to the season’s most important colour trends, based on New York Fashion Week. The palette features the 12 top colours and four classic neutrals that are bound to be a hit in 2020, from pale pastels to aqua blues and greens to bright and bold shades, plus neutral classics that will stand the test of time. If you’re wondering what colours to decorate your home with in 2020, we’re letting you in on 7 of our favourite colours from the 2020 colour palette.

1. Coral Pink

Muted pinks have almost become neutral in the world of home decor. From couches to throw pillows, dinnerware, and table lamps, any item in a soft muted pink can work with your decor. Coral pink is subtle and warm, making it easy to incorporate into a wide range of aesthetics. 

2. Faded Denim

Another soft and subtle colour, faded denim is a comforting blue-grey that’s sure to become a classic. Pair it with creams and soft yellows to warm it up, or create a sunning contrast with a bright citrus shade. Since blue is a neutral, you can’t go wrong pairing it with any colour or material. 

3. Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon stick is earthy and warm, creating a welcoming atmosphere wherever it’s placed. It would be a gorgeous colour for a front door, couch or accent wall. You can also add pops of cinnamon stick with pieces like ottomans, side tables and throws. 

4. Navy Blazer

One of the palette’s neutral classics, navy blazer is sophisticated and stylish. It’s versatile enough to use in any room of the house, and can serve as a statement colour, or a foundation for you to bring in other pops of colour. Use it for your kitchen cupboards and contrast it with gorgeous marble countertops, or add pops of navy to your living room with a rug, throw pillows and lamp shades. 

5. Chive

Chive is a savoury, herbal green that evokes the feeling of calmness and harmony. A chive green couch would make a for a gorgeous piece, and a powder room with green walls is sure to make a statement no one is expecting. Pair the walls with gold and marble accents to elevate the sophistication of the room. Other ideas are a chive-painted kitchen island, headboard or window trim in a sunroom with a relaxed vibe.

6. Sunlight

Sunlight is a soft, muted yellow that evokes happiness and cheer. It’s a gorgeous colour for the walls of a bedroom, family room or kitchen, creating a warm and welcoming vibe. Almost everything goes well with yellow, whether you use it as a main colour or subtly throughout your home with accent pieces and statement-making decor.

7. Ash

Another one of Pantone’s spring/summer 2020 classics, ash is a medium grey that’s sophisticated and timeless. Use it on your interior or exterior for a stylish home that will stand the test of time. From accent chairs to kitchen cabinetry, your exterior siding, or bathroom tile, ash is one of the strongest neutrals to decorate with this coming year.

If you’re wondering what colours to decorate with in 2020, use the Pantone colour palette to direct your aesthetic choices and make your guests swoon!