Pallets As Furniture? You Bet! Check Out These Uses for Your Home

If you’re looking to take on some gorgeous DIY projects for your home, consider using wood from discarded pallets. If you’re not sure what pallets are, they’re the wooden transport structures used to move goods and products from one place to another. Pallets can be made into plenty of different farmhouse style furniture pieces ranging from outdoor benches to bed frames and headboards. If you love the look of reclaimed wood, you’re going to love these pallet uses for your home!

Where to Find Pallets

If you live in or close to a manufacturing/industrial area, check for stacks of pallets out front of a business. You can ask to be sure, but they often put them outside for the public to take for free, otherwise they’d have to pay to dispose of them. This also goes for any homes around your neighbourhood that have pallets sitting outside on their lawn. Chances are they’re trying to get rid of them, so go for it!

You can also look at your local home improvement or big box stores. Any store that receives its products from a large truck will have pallets to get rid of. They’re often not kept in the customer area, so just ask one of the employees if they have any in the back that you can have.

Here are six ways to create furniture out of pallets!

1. Front Porch Swing

Have you always wanted a porch swing to up the charm of your front porch? Use pallet wood to create the porch swing of your dreams! Cozy it up with a seat cushion and a bunch of throw pillows to make it warm and inviting!

2. Magazine Rack

Looking for somewhere to store books and magazines? Use the wood from an old pallet to make a magazine rack with multiple shelves!

3. Bed Frame and Headboard

You can make a beautiful bed frame using pallets! Leave it as a bed frame with a mattress on top or make a headboard as well. With pallet headboards you can get even more creative, hanging string lights or incorporating small shelves to place jewelry boxes and small potted succulents. On second thought, pallet bed frames can do double duty, too! Create shoe storage underneath by adding shelves within the bed frame.

4. Backyard Seating Area

Your backyard will be so much more inviting with a charming seating area. Use pallets to construct chairs, benches and even an outdoor coffee table. Your entire seating area will match, and you can feel proud that you DIY’ed the entire gathering space by yourself!

5. TV Stand

There are a number of ways to create a TV stand out of pallets! One is to have a typical stand where the TV sits atop the wooden structure. You can add shelving or cabinets to the TV stand for more storage. Another option is to use the pallets to create a TV wall mount. Place wooden slats or the entire pallet up on the wall and hang your TV in front of it.

6. Coat Hanger

For a pallet coat hanger, all you need is the wood and some hooks! Place it in your mudroom or entryway to help keep your home organized in a trendy way.

If you’re looking to up the farmhouse vibes in your home, use these pallet furniture ideas to add charm and beauty.