Outdoor Christmas Decorating Guide

As the holiday season ushers in a wave of festive cheer, it’s time to transform your outdoor space into a winter wonderland that captures the holiday spirit. From adorning your windows with lights to making your siding glisten, our outdoor decorating guide ensures every corner of your home exterior radiates the season’s joy.

1. Clean Your Siding for a Dazzling Backdrop

Before diving into decorating, ensure your siding is clean and ready to serve as the perfect backdrop for your festive display. A quick wash will ensure your home looks its best and provide a clean decoration surface. 

We recommend cleaning vinyl siding with a gentle solution of mild soap and water using a soft cloth or a long-handled, soft-bristled brush.

2. Prepare Your Windows

Next on your outdoor Christmas decorating journey: the windows! Before you get started, clean your windows. Clean the glass, exterior frame, sash tracks, and screens to preserve their appearance and make them look brand new.

Once your windows are clean, transform them into enchanting frames for your holiday spirit. Consider hanging festive wreaths, arranging elegant garlands, or adding vibrant string lights to create a visual feast inside and outside your home. 

3. Add a Festive Welcome

Extend your holiday magic to your front entrance. Adorn your entry door with a welcoming wreath and a festive doormat. Decorate your porch with seasonal planters and extra string lights. Incorporate elements that complement your overall theme, starting at the sidewalk and continuing through every corner of your home.

4. Illuminate Your Yard with Enchanting Displays

When it comes to festive lighting, the limit does not exist. Light up your front yard with these ideas:

  • Line Your Path: For homes with walkways that need lighting up, especially on those dark winter nights, consider garden stakes with holiday motif LEDs.
  • Meteor Nights: Delight neighbours and visitors with the mesmerizing display of meteor shower string lights. Unlike traditional strobe effects, these lights gently drip down, creating a beautifully calming motion.
  • Big and Bold Bulbs: If you’re aiming to make a grand statement this holiday season, opt for large and vibrant battery-powered lights and pre-lit wire form figures for your snowy front yard during the festive season.
  • Projector Lights: Use projector lights to illuminate your home exterior with fun festive shapes and colours.