Outdated Home Trends We Hope Never Come Back

The past few years in home design have introduced us to some really great trends, like biophilia (the incorporation of nature) and floral wallpaper. They’ve also featured unfortunate trends like low-slung mid-century furniture, leather, and a lot of black and white decor. Like the annoying uncle that tends to stay a little too long at all of the family parties, it’s time for them to go. Check out our list of 5 outdated trends we hope to never see again.

1. Living Rooms Focused Around a TV

One trend we’re incredibly happy to see go is the living rooms focused around a TV. Not only is TV viewership on the decline, but homeowners are also gravitating towards creating spaces that turn other items into the main focal point of the room, such as a fireplace or a piece of art. In addition, when the TV is not the main feature of the room, it’s much easier to play around with different furniture setups for when space is in need of change.

2. Gendered Rooms

Recent evidence shows that featuring stereotypically gendered colours in children’s rooms can actually shape the child’s behaviour. That’s why more parents are trying to avoid gender-themed toys and clothes, escaping the pink-blue paradigm. When designing a children’s space, insecurities about pink and blue and girl versus boy colour palettes and textures tend to dampen creative potential and reinforce hidden biases. Go with neutral tones and palettes from kids’ bedrooms!

3. Low-Profile Furniture

Unless you are going for a completely zen approach to designing your home, low-profile furniture has met its end. Shaggy rugs that accompany low-lying furniture such as coffee tables or low-slung couches, create a cramped and dated feel in your space. When you use a low-lying coffee table, for example, it creates the need to use lower seating and short lamps, both of which do nothing to create an open, airy and inviting feel in your space.

4. Funky Patterns

Staying on top of home decor trends is tricky; what was once old can be new again; items can be timeless and yet flawed by their features, such as wallpaper. Wallpaper that features floral patterns and geometric shapes have made their way into popular and modern design trends, however, wallpaper with heavy repeating print, that features bright and wild colours, is officially dated and done.

5. Tile Countertops

Marble and granite countertops are in, tile countertops are out. A relic 50 years ago, tile countertops were hugely popular in the ‘70s, and that’s where they should have stayed. What was once a trendy kitchen feature is now an outdated design miss. Don’t love the look of marble or granite? Wood butcher block style countertops are another way to create a stunning kitchen design. Just make sure to stay away from the tile.

Do yourself a huge favour and stay away from these home design faux pas, don’t do something you will soon regret!