On Your Side: Here Come The New Colours For 2014


First impressions count, and the colour of exterior siding on your home is one of the first things you see every time you approach – and so does anyone else who visits. With that in mind, you should take the time to choose a colour you really love and can live with happily for years.

Gentek offers a full range of colour choices, including custom colour options. But each year, we like to keep things fresh by expanding our palette. 2014 is no different: as of March 1, three attractive new vinyl siding colours will be available for ordering.

The new shades are: Iron Ore, Espresso and Rockwell Blue. Iron Ore is a deep blue-grey, Espresso is a warm and rich chocolate brown and Rockwell Blue is an attractive pastel. All three will be available in our Sequoia Select Ultra-Premium Vinyl Siding and our Board & Batten Ultra-Premium Vinyl Siding. Rockwell Blue will also be featured as the latest colour addition to the FairOaks Premium Vinyl Siding line.

With the additions, our Board & Batten Ultra-Premium Vinyl Siding now features 34 different colours, Sequoia Select Ultra-Premium Vinyl Siding features 28 choices and the FairOaks Premium Vinyl Siding line now offers 20 different hues.

Gentek’s Chroma-True® colour formulation is an advanced copolymer compound that delivers superior colour retention for a long-lasting, luxurious finish. Chroma-True® allows us to offer a lifetime limited warranty against fading, even with our darkest, richest colours.

Our three new vinyl siding colours don’t just mean three new choices. We can offer a wide range of exciting new siding and trim colour combinations to add lasting beauty to your home’s exterior.

Make sure you check out Gentek’s World of Colour before you make your vinyl siding decision.