Novik: The Look Of Brick, Stone & Wood…But Better


If you dream of finishing your house in brick, stone or cedar, here’s another solution for you to consider. Polymer siding systems from Canada’s Novik offer a unique and affordable alternative, with the great looks of traditional materials enhanced by the tangible benefits of modern technology.

Novik is a Quebec-based company that has won many awards and grown rapidly after developing a new kind of polymer that can be used to make specialized exterior coverings with a startling resemblance to brick, stone and wood.

Products created from innovative polymers represent a smart, attractive alternative to these traditional products and Novik’s state-of-the-art processes enable it to achieve striking results that outperform other products.

Novik materials withstand harsh weather and extreme temperatures thanks to an ingenious and exclusive blend of polymers. This is especially important today when torrential rains, hail, wind and other weather phenomena test the integrity of our homes on a regular basis.

Novik products are aesthetically pleasing, with no visible seam. They are lightweight and require very little maintenance.  Plus, using Novik products is quicker, easier, and less expensive, since installation can be completed by just one person.

Whether you choose Novik’s faux brick, dry stack stone, or cedar shake (available in rough sawn, hand-split or half-round varieties), you’ll have a wide choice of colours, one of them just right for your home.

Gentek applauds Novik’s commitment to offering products at the cutting edge of technology that faithfully reproduce traditional materials. We’re proud to offer them to you as an exterior covering option that is attractive, high-performance and economical.