Not-So-Boring Bookshelves: Bookshelf Styling Tips

Bookshelves have come a long way in the world of decor. While they were once primarily used to hold books (hence, the name), there are plenty of ways to style bookshelves and make them look anything but boring. Bookshelf styling allows you to add a touch of your own personality to whatever room you place the shelves in. Here are 7 tips to make your bookshelf look like it’s right out of a magazine. 

1. Start with Larger, Statement Items

When it comes to styling your bookshelf, start with larger items first. Trying to squish them in among smaller items can lead to your shelves looking cluttered and disorganized. Fill your shelves with larger items like woven baskets and planters to help you find the right balance for the rest of the items and your shelving unit as a whole. 

2. Mix In Metallics

Metallics are having a well-deserved moment in the home decor world. They play with light, and will add a beautiful sheen to your bookshelf, especially among books and more natural elements. Brass, gold, pewter and nickel are popular metallics that are sure to add a touch of glimmer to your shelves. 

3. Bring in Decorative Items

Decorative items such as coral, healing crystals and terrariums are sure to take your bookshelf up a notch. You can decorate with pieces you’ve collected along your travels, that you’ve found at antique shops, or at your favourite homewares store. Your shelves will look best if all the decorative pieces work well together.

4. Add Greenery

Add some life to your shelves with greenery. Opt for low-maintenance plants in stylish pots and containers. They’ll add material and dimension to your shelving, and real plants have health benefits, such as improving air quality, boosting your mood and reducing stress. However, if you’d rather not have to care for real plants, opt for artificial plants you can use for visual impact.

5. Use Odd Numbers

When styling your shelves, always arrange items in odd numbers. This creates a more balanced look and will help you figure out which items to place where. Play around with items of different heights and sizes. When everything is too much the same, it tends to look forced, and when you mix items with too much of a size difference, this can also look off. A good balance is key to shelf styling!

6. Don’t Forget Artwork

Artwork isn’t only meant for your walls. Bring in cool pieces of art for some visual stimulation. Try placing artwork towards the back of the shelf with smaller, decorative pieces in front of it to give your shelf some dimension.

7. Integrate Stylish Storage Options

The best storage is both stylish and practical. Fill some of your shelves with chic storage options such as rattan or welded steel baskets. They’ll add texture to your shelves and give you a space to keep papers and other knick knacks organized.

Bookshelves don’t have to be boring! Use our shelf styling tips to create a gorgeously styled bookshelf that adds personality to your home!