No more fallen gutters with T-Rex!

There are few things more frustrating than coming home to gutters ripped off your home.

Your stress level hits the roof in seconds.

Thankfully, there’s a solution now that will eliminate that entirely: T-Rex continuous hangers!

The T-Rex is equipped with the best gutter protection system in the industry. They’re sturdy, weatherproof and now stress-proof, too!

If you’ve got clogged or warped gutters and need to replace them, you don’t just want to stick up the same thing you’ve got. Don’t repeat the same mistake!

Install a gutter system that is built to last.

Intrigued about how they do it? Let’s geek out a bit. Get your Technical Hat on. We’re going in…

Alu Perf perforation technology

Gutters are supposed to let water flow freely, but debris always gets in the way, especially if you’re not cleaning it regularly.

The Alu Perf technology features perforations of 7/64 in. (2.8 mm) in diameter distributed across the entire surface of the gutter protection system, thereby allowing for drainage that can handle outpours of 29.7 in. (755 mm) of water an hour.

Roll Back technology

Gutters can sometimes overflow during heavy rains, which is a real hassle for homeowners. Water spillage can damage flowerbeds, create puddles and even seep into the building structure.

The Roll Back technology solves all of these problems by keeping water inside the gutter, even when heavy rain comes down from the roof.

Acting as a barrier, the elevated roll-back feature protects your home at all times and in all conditions by keeping water inside the gutter.

Winter-Shield Technology

When constructing a house or a building, you obviously need to ensure that the structure can withstand changes in temperature and weather conditions it will face in all seasons.

Gutters must be subject to the same quality standards, since they will be under great pressure in winter.

A conventional gutter left open during the winter will inevitably fill with snow and ice. In the spring, freezing and thawing inside the gutter can cause bending and twisting.

T-Rex Winter-Shield technology prevents such damage and ensures the durability of your storm drainage system. Due to its extremely strong and antirust composition, Winter-Shield allows snow to settle on top of the gutter without filling the cavity.

As a result, snow and ice can flow when thawing occurs, preventing the return of melt water into the roof of your home.

T-Rex will instantly protect your home against damage that water infiltration could cause.

UV Protector

A silicone sealant is inside each gutter that allows it to remain very tight.

But did you know that UV rays from the sun can crack this sealer? A cracked sealer leads to drying of the silicone joints inside the gutter and cracks lead to leaks in gutter corners.

The solution to this problem is to install T-Rex. In fact, T-Rex plays a protective role by blocking the sun with its shading effect.

Anti-Infiltration Effect

The T-Rex continuous hanger is installed with self-sealing screws, which are its main feature, as well as seals. This helps prevent water infiltration in the roof fascia and therefore prevents rotting.

In addition to these innovative technologies, the overlapping installation and continuous foldback contribute to T-Rex’s incredible robustness and flawless performance. Find out why T-Rex is the best choice on the market.

What should you do?

If you go outside and see that your gutters are warped, jammed with years of debris and dirt and need to be replaced, you have one job: get T-Rex.