NEW… windows with the designer’s touch


Gentek’s Regency 400 Series of windows, widely recognized as offering home owners amazing energy efficiency through superior construction and window technology, is available in a variety of designer’s colours.


Your Regency 400 windows, which come in our standard colours: Maize, Pebble, Wicker, Sandalwood, Storm, Chestnut Brown and Commercial Brown, are available in a wide variety of custom colours such as: Gentek’s popular Iron Ore, Dark Drift and Venetian Red.

One of the strongest selling points of any home is curb appeal and there is no better way to increase the curb appeal and presentation of your home than with the extraordinary style, quality and colour of Regency 400 windows.

Get the best of everything. Cut down on your energy bills and boost the value and appearance of your home with the newest trend in home fashion and the designer’s touch of coloured Regency 400 Series of windows from Gentek.