Make Your Windows Shine with These Tips!


Your windows are the eyes to your home, so you want to make sure they’re always in tip-top shape. Washing them may not be the most glamorous chore, but if you want squeaky clean, streak-free windows, you have to know how to do it right. Skipping a step could result in a poorly done job and windows that need to be cleaned over again.

You should deep clean your windows at least twice a year, or more if they need it. Whether it’s time for spring cleaning or you notice your windows need some sprucing up, take a look at 5 tips to make your windows shine!

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1. Get the Right Supplies

To clean your windows and make them shine, you’re going to need the right products and equipment. Make sure you have a window washing solution and window scrubber to apply it, a bucket or spray bottle, a squeegee, towels to catch drips, and cloths to wipe your squeegee between uses. These supplies will ensure smooth sailing for your window washing session!

2. Clean at the Right Time of Day

Did you know you’re not supposed to wash your windows when the sun is shining directly on them? When the sun is shining on your windows, it accelerates the drying of the window solution, which can cause streaks. Clean your windows early before the sun comes up or once it goes down at night. No one wants streaky windows, and if you’re not careful, you’ll have to wash them again to make them shine.

3. Top to Bottom

There is a proper direction to ensure your windows are clean as can be. Always wash your windows from the top to the bottom. This prevents dirt dripping on the parts of the window you’ve already washed. When you go from top to bottom, you can catch the dirty drips on the way down.

4. Where to Wash

Wash your windows on the inside and outside for ultimate shine. If you only wash one or the other, dirt and grime will still be noticeable and build up more and more over time. You won’t be able to get a squeaky-clean look unless you clean the inside and out each time you wash your windows.

5. Don’t Forget to Pre-Clean

Both the outside and inside of your windows need a pre-clean before you fully wash them. Vacuum or dust your inside windows, including the frames and tight corners to prevent dirt from dispersing when you’re washing them. For the outside windows, make sure to clean stains from hard water run-off, minerals and other elements that can lead to grime.

Keep these tips in mind the next time your windows are in need of a wash. The right supplies and guidelines will ensure your windows shine inside and out!