Love That Accent! Specialty Siding Adds Wow Factor To Your Home

split_shake_112A great way to emphasize the outside of your home is to create an accent area using specialty siding. Amazing advances in technology in recent years allow you to recreate timeless looks, until recently only possible using natural materials at substantial cost.

Now you can recreate the look of hand-split cedar shakes for that rustic, rugged appeal. You can create a stone accent around your entryway that looks completely authentic. Or you can use scallops or ‘weathered’ shakes in the gables to add that classic old-world look to your home.

Easy to install, easy to maintain and long-lasting, specialty siding products give you an authentic look at a fraction of the cost. They’re available in a wide range of bold, modern colours, so when it comes to design, the sky is the limit.

When you combine an accent area with traditional vinyl siding or brick, you can easily create a fresh, dramatic look.

Gentek’s specialty siding collection is distinguished by both its versatility and impeccable attention to detail. Performance-engineered stones, shakes and scallops blend natural beauty with modern practicality and easy upkeep. Whether used as an architectural accent or whole-house exterior, specialty sidings will lend the perfect measure of refinement to your home.

Gentek works with two leading suppliers to offer you the best selection and value in specialty siding.

The Foundry Siding offers the charm of cedar, the warmth of shakes and the rustic beauty of stone. Its premium PVC construction makes it virtually maintenance-free. Foundry products are available in Gentek’s most popular siding colours.

Novik Polymer Siding is precision-engineered to replicate the natural texture of wood, shingles, stone and brick. These high-performance polymer panels feature an exclusive continuous full-panel locking system, ensuring quick and secure installations. Novik’s products are also available in Gentek’s most popular colours.