Light Up Your Nights! 7 Ways to Decorate Your Backyard

Summer nights are best spent outside in cozy backyards. The best way to make your backyard space even cozier? Add lighting in just the right places. There are plenty of ways to use lighting to enhance your outdoor space, and depending on your design taste and lifestyle, you’ll be able to choose lighting that suits you best. Take a look at how to decorate your backyard with 7 different types of lighting!

1. Overhead String Lighting

String lighting is the prettiest way to light up your backyard. If you have a courtyard in your backyard, make it even cozier by positioning overhead string lighting at regular intervals throughout the space. This will create ambient lighting that blankets the area with a warm glow come nighttime.

2. Decorative Lanterns

Decorative lanterns are so gorgeous and can enhance the aesthetic of any outdoor space. Group them together on a dining table, place them on each stair of your porch, or line them up on a wall. There are so many ways to use decorative lanterns to lighten up your backyard!

3. Cafe Lights

Cafe lights are a type of string lighting that will give your backyard a gorgeous glow. You can hang them from trees or posts already standing in your backyard, or you can buy free standing cafe lights to get the same effect.

4. A Glowing Walkway

Adding a glowing walkway to your backyard space is a unique way to add light to your yard. Add glow-in-the-dark pigments to your walkway paint or materials and you’ll have a glowing path leading in and out of your backyard. If you’re not fond of having the entire walkway glowing, add it to the grout between stones or only paint certain areas of the walkway.

5. Flameless Candles

Candles are often recommended for indoor decor, but they’re just as beautiful as decor pieces for your backyard as well. Add them to your dining table or to any tabletop you have on your back porch. Candlelight offers a gorgeous glow without being too in-your-face. Use flameless, battery operated candles as a safer option so you don’t have to worry about any fire accidents.

6. Outdoor Lamps

Lamps aren’t only meant for the indoors. Outdoor lamps are a nice way to decorate your outdoor space, plus they provide a great source of light for when the sun goes down. Electric outdoor table lamps and standing lamps are charming accents that will light up your nights.

7. Deck Lights

Use solar deck accent lights on your deck railing or stairs to light up your backyard and make sure your space it safe. They turn on when the sun goes down and stay on for eight hours, extending your time outdoors and ensuring you’ll have light no matter what time it is.

Ready to light up your backyard? Use one or several of these lighting ideas to extend your time outside every night!