Latest Craze: Barndominiums

A play on the words barn and condominium, barndominiums are growing in popularity as residential and commercial buildings. If you haven’t been introduced to the latest real estate craze, barndominiums are essentially metal-built barns that have been renovated for modern living. Since metal and steel buildings are incredibly cost-effective, versatile and energy efficient, barndominiums have made a name for themselves as one of the hottest new home trends. They’re super durable, require minimal maintenance and can fulfil multiple purposes including homes, bars, shops and restaurants. Here are 6 popular ideas for barndominiums.

1. Second Story Storage

Homeowners and shop owners are often looking to increase their storage. If you have a two story building, you can use the second story for extra storage or even an extra office space. Since a second floor barn space is easy to construct, it’s a popular design for shop owners who need extra storage for things such as extra stock, stationary, a pantry and a bathroom.

2. Farmhouse Style Building

A farmhouse style building is a gorgeous design that can serve multiple purposes. Of course, you can have a barn style home that fits a large or small family. The farmhouse design style is also ideal for a bed and breakfast, restaurant or grocery store. It’s a traditional building style that can be upgraded with modern siding and exterior accents.

3. Glass Panels

Glass panels are popular in modern design and create a beautiful contrast look for barndominiums. Glass and wood look striking together and create a rustic and homey vibe for any exterior. Not only do glass panels look great, they let in lots of natural light to your space, reducing your need to turn on lights and use up electricity.

4, Barn with a Loft

If you plan to use a barn as a traditional barn, consider adding a second floor loft. A barn is used to store large livestock, hay and other farming equipment. A second story loft can store any excess so the main floor isn’t overflowing with equipment that could be harmful to the animals.

5. Utilize the Existing Structure

While many barndominiums are custom designed to look more modern inside, another option is utilizing the existing structure and keeping the all-wood barn house feel inside. Features like light wood, big windows and vaulted ceilings will keep your space from feeling dark and cramped. Traditional barns are typically characterized by big open spaces, which you can take advantage of for an open floor plan design.

6. A Cozy Lodge

Take a nod from traditional farm style design and create a lodge style home. Use different wood tones through the space to keep it dynamic. Since the floor, railings, cabinets and ceiling will be made out of wood, it’s important to use varying tones. The second floor living area should be open and look over the main floor to complete the lodge style aesthetic.

Do you love the barndominium trend? Use one of these ideas to create the barndominium of your dreams!