Is it Wood? Is it Steel? Why Distinction Wood Grain is the Next Big Thing

If you adore the look of real wood, but aren’t so fond of the upkeep, you’re going to love Distinction Wood Grain siding. While real wood siding requires a ton of maintenance and is prone to wreathing, Distinction Wood Grain offers the look of real wood, with the low maintenance and durability of steel siding. It’s an upcoming trend for traditional and modern looking homes alike, so strike while the iron’s hot!

Standout Features

There’s a few key reasons why Distinction Wood Gran siding is having a moment in the design world. We’ve already covered the fact that it’s low maintenance and high durability, but on top of that, it has a Class A rating against fire, you can choose between vertical and horizontal installation, and there are no visible screws, so your exterior design is never compromised.

Distinction Wood Grain siding is also coated with rust resistant paint for long term strength and resilience, and you’re backed by a 40-year limited warranty. It’s made with high strength steel and a high-performance paint system applied over G90 galvanized steel or Galvalume, and is available in 3 series of colours: Wood Series, Nuanced Wood Series and Granite Series.

Wood vs. Steel

Steel siding has become a go-to for homeowners and contractors due to its beneficial features. When compared to other siding options, it’s one of the strongest and longest lasting materials to use for your home exterior. It’s resistant to bumps, dents and dings that may be more prevalent with other materials, and it requires barely any maintenance. Wood, on the other hand, is prone to rot and insect infestation and requires substantially higher maintenance.

Get the Look

Distinction Wood Grain siding is a painted steel siding which elegantly imitates real wood and comes in a large variety of colours to suit any taste. Choose from colours like Urban Grey, Walnut, Cedar, Jet Black and Sequoia to enhance the exterior of your home, with unmatched durability. Not all colours are available in all provinces, so make sure you check with a Gentek representative for availability in your area.

Distinction Wood Grain siding makes it possible for you to get the look of real wood without the hassle of taking care of it. If you’ve been wanting to update your home design with an elegant wood aesthetic, this product is perfect for you!