In today’s modern design world, it is no secret that architects and designers alike, are placing more and more value in a projects exterior curb appeal. Whether it be a multi-million dollar commercial hub or a single/multi-family home, one of the many ways to achieve a contemporary yet modern exterior design, is by using wood or wood-like features to accent the exterior facade.

GTK_Blog_Oct_Sagiper_4This is where we would like to introduce to you SAGIWALL and SAGIREV. Highly durable, maintenance free panels that offer the distinctive look of natural wood, yet is a cost effective alternative to real-wood and other aluminum wood-like panel competitors.

Although everyone would love to have the beautiful ultra-modern California style real wood feature in Canada’s diverse climate, the use of real wood on building exteriors is simply not conducive. Not to mention the constant upkeep and high costs associated with repainting, varnishing or lacquering. Look no further and invest in your curb appeal with Sagiper today!

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