Introducing: Gentek’s New Visualizer

It’s never been easier to visualize your upcoming home renovation than it is now! In collaboration with Renoworks Software Inc., we recently updated the Gentek Visualizer for easier use, mobile responsiveness (you can now access the visualizer from any device!), and higher resolution images so you can get a better idea of what your finished design will look like! Wondering just exactly what the Gentek Visualizer is and how you can use it to design your dream home exterior? Let’s dig in!

What is the Gentek Visualizer?

You can think of the Gentek Visualizer as a one-stop shop for all your visual remodeling needs! It’s an online tool that allows you to take a realistic look at the final design of your construction/remodeling project using Gentek’s extensive portfolio of building products. From vinyl, aluminum and steel siding, to entrance doors, trim, and other accessories, you can quickly and easily see what your finished design will look like with your chosen materials and colours. Choose from sample homes that emulate the most popular home designs, or upload a photo to see exactly what the outcome will look like on your very own home!

Amazing Just-Launched Features

We’re so excited to announce a few new amazing features for the Gentek Visualizer that were recently launched! The upgraded mobile responsiveness is key to ease for homeowners who want to see their design anywhere, any time and with any device. You can now pull your design up on your phone, iPad, laptop or desktop at your convenience. Plus, you have higher resolution images, giving you an enhanced and more realistic view of the design details you choose.

It’s now easier than ever to select your ideal colour and design with the new colour palettes with pre-selected Gentek product and colour combinations. There’s also an enhanced user interface and easier product navigation, making it a breeze for anyone to use! This amazing service valued at $15 is free until October 31, 2018, so try it before the launch period ends! All we need is 3-5 business days and we’ll send you over a link with your photo ready to use in the visualizer! After that you can design to your heart’s desire, adding products and colour designs until you achieve the perfect look.

If it’s time for you to remodel your home, the Gentek Visualizer will help you achieve the look you want with its amazing new features! Try it now for free and see how you can transform your house into the one of your dreams!