Introducing Easy Rock: Exterior Authenticity, Durability & Insulation


Yes, you can have the warm, inviting look of natural stone without the heavy weight and challenging installation. Gentek is proud to be the Canadian distributor of a new faux stone line called Easy Rock — a lightweight, durable solution designed to withstand harsh northern climates.

Whether you choose to use Easy Rock panels as a whole-house exterior or a decorative accent, the product convincingly replicates organic stone elegance in a pleasing variety of colours and textures.

Great looks are one thing, but it is Easy Rock’s performance that really turns heads. Easy Rock is comprised of three layers, each with a specific purpose as described below.

Authenticity: The layer you see is comprised of crushed rock (or iron oxides) that are baked onto the surface providing patented colouration. Easy Rock looks like real stone because it’s made from real stone.

Durability: The crushed rock is encapsulated with a second, tough layer of truck-bed liner material that can withstand the punishment of impact, scraping and harsh weather.

Insulation: The third layer consists of over 2.5 centimeters of compressed polyurethane – providing additional insulation for your home. Easy Rock panels have an R6+ insulation value.

More Benefits: Weighing approximately one pound per square foot, Easy Rock panels are lightweight and easy to install with general wood-working tools. Unlike products requiring mortaring, Easy Rock can be installed year-round. A weeping system is built in to provide drainage and air flow, preventing mold.

Canadian-made Easy Rock comes with a 20-year limited warranty. For an exterior product with a superior look and feel, check out Easy Rock today at your local Gentek dealer. To learn more about Easy Rock, visit the company website.