How to Upgrade, Beautify and Maximize Your Deck This Summer

Is your backyard deck looking old and run down? You may not be giving much thought to it while it’s covered in snow, but come summertime, everyone wants to extend their living space with a gorgeous backyard deck. There are plenty of ways you can upgrade your deck so it suits your aesthetic and lifestyle! Check out 5 ways to make your deck more beautiful and functional!

1. Clean and Refinish Your Deck

Refinishing your deck is one of the best investments you can make and also makes a huge impact on the look of your outdoor space. Your deck takes on a lot of wear and tear, both from people walking all over it and from the elements, so maintaining it is key to its longevity.

Your deck is an extension of your home, so you want to make sure it’s taken care of and looks its best. Clean the surface and refinish it before adding or making any changes to it.

2. Create a Vision for Your Deck

What does your dream deck look like? How does it function? Do you want to be able to read a book outside on warm summer nights? Would you love to be able to entertain on your backyard deck? Do you want a space to barbeque? Or maybe you want your deck to give you all these things. Take some time to figure out what type of deck suits your lifestyle so you can maximize its use.

3. Create Shade

If you plan to spend a lot of time outside on your deck this summer, you probably want to consider creating shade for your outdoor space. It’s nice to be able to get fresh air in the warmer months, but sometimes the heat and sun can make spending time outside unbearable.

Luckily, there are numerous options to create shade for your deck. Whether it’s with a movable deck umbrella over a table, or a canopy or awning to shade over eating and cooking areas, choose a shade option that works for you.

4. Add Plants and Flowers

Adding plants and flowers to your deck can totally transform your outdoor space, giving it life and personality. You can hang planters from your deck railings, set up a tiered plant stand, or invest in large ceramic flower pots to place around your deck.

Adding plants and flowers will beautify your outdoor space, adding visual dimension to your deck. Want some tips for adding plants and flowers? Choose a colour scheme, stay low-maintenance, and don’t go overboard with too many variations.

5. Add Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference for the aesthetics and function of your deck. String lighting is a whimsical way to light up your outdoor space at night, and options like in-floor deck lighting and roof lighting keep your deck well-lit and safe when the sun goes down.

Upgrading and beautifying your deck can make a huge difference for both the look and function of your outdoor space. Follow these tips to get the most out of your deck this summer!