How to Prevent Critters From Getting Into Your Attic and Roof

Does worrying about critters getting into your attic keep you up at night? Animals and critters like raccoons, squirrels and mice can cause major damage if they get into your attic, wrecking your wiring, plumbing and insulation. You don’t want to harm them, but it is important to get them out of your home so they don’t disrupt the structural integrity of your house, let alone your sanity! Take a look at 5 tips to help prevent critters from sneaking into your attic!

1. Check Your Attic

Don’t go animal-proofing your attic before checking if there are any critters living inside. It’s really  important to make sure your attic is animal-free so you don’t cause harm to them or cause additional damage to your home. Listen for sounds coming from your attic. Squirrels make scurrying noises, while rats and mice scamper around at night. Larger animals like racoons make thumping or rolling noises. Check for droppings and other signs of infestation such as nests, chewed wires or holes to the outside. If you do find a critter, call pest or animal control so they can humanely trap it and release it in its natural habitat. 

2. Inspect Your Home’s Exterior 

Your home’s exterior is another place to check to see if critters are getting into your attic. Look for holes between your roof and your wall, and remember that even openings as small as 3.8cm in diameter are big enough for squirrels to crawl through. Also be on the lookout for gaps near your roofline and loose attic vent covers. Vent covers that are loose can be opened by larger animals like raccoons, allowing them to easily sneak into your attic. 

3. Upkeep Your Yard

A tidy yard ensures less chance for critters to sneak into your home. Seal your garbage tightly in heavy-duty trash cans. Keep them inside your shed or garage if you can, to restrict any scents that can lure animals such as racoons. Get rid of any yard debris like dead bushes and piles of leaves, where small animals can build nests and homes. Some pests are also repelled by certain plants like marigolds and clovers, so it’s smart to plant them in your garden.

4. Trim Overhanging Branches 

Do you have branches that reach over your roof? If so, you’ll want to trim them back about six feet. Animals can jump from tree branches onto your roof and get into your attic. Six feet is the typical jumping distance for animals like squirrels, so trimming them back further will ensure they’re unable to jump onto your roof. Another way to help prevent animals from climbing the trees in your yard is placing a metal sheet around the trunk six to eight feet off the ground. 

5. Use Bright Lights 

Bright lights offer a strong deterrent for animals that are making their way into your attic. Bright lights bother the eyes of small animals such as squirrels, racoons, rats, bats and rodents. Many of these pests and critters are nocturnal, so shining bright lights in your attic will make them feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.

If you’re worried about critters getting into your attic and roof, use these tips to keep them from wreaking havoc on your home!