How to Pick the Perfect Patio Door for Your Home

The exterior of your home comes together when every aspect complements each other. Your patio door can have a huge effect on the overall aesthetic of your home. And with so many options and designs to choose from (from sliding to swinging to French) it’s important to know how to pick the perfect patio door for your home. At Gentek, we offer a full line of patio doors to suit any home style. Our patio door collection includes Novatech, Sunview and Gentek 170 and 6500 Series patio doors. Here’s how to pick the perfect one for you.

1. Determine Your Needs and Decide Your Style

Determine the main objective for your patio door. Is it to create better functionality? Improve aesthetics? Let more light in? Improve energy efficiency? And what style are you going for? This should be based on the rest of the home. You want to make sure your patio door style complements the interior and exterior of your home and its surroundings. Keep this in mind when deciding on the colour, finish, hardware, and other design elements. Once you know your need(s) and the style you envision for your door, it will be easier to choose one that suits your home.

2. Consider Furniture Placement and Surroundings

If you’re investing in a patio door, you want to make sure the one you choose works with the rest of your home. Swinging and French doors need room to open, so you have to consider your furniture and wall placement. A swinging door may work well in some spaces, but others will require a sliding door. If you’re space is small, consider a single swinging door or sliding doors that can fit in tight spaces.

3. Materials Matter

Another aspect to consider when it comes to your patio door is the material of the door itself. Depending on the function of the door (whether it’s more for aesthetics, or will be used as a high-traffic area) you’ll require different materials. Vinyl is a great choice if you’re going to have a lot of traffic through the door and you want a low maintenance door that won’t chip, blister or split. You can also opt for a PVC, aluminum, or wood door, depending on your needs and style.

4. Put Energy Efficiency Top of Mind

Patio doors are made up mostly of glass, so you’ll want to make sure your door is as energy efficient as possible. Quality patio doors will offer heat and cold resistance and withstand strong winds. This will create energy savings for you and ensure the comfort of your home. Low-E glass helps lower energy bills and prevent UV fading. High efficiency should be top of mind when choosing your patio door!

5. Use a Trusted Contractor

If you’re putting in a patio door, make sure to use a trusted contractor who will do the job right. A good contractor will ensure you make the right decisions for your home so you can rest assured knowing you’ll have quality products and service. Gentek works with leading contractors across the country who ensure your product and installation needs are met. Find one close to you before you get started!

If it’s time for a new patio door, use these tips to find the perfect one for your home!