How to Pick Artwork For Your Home

Artwork sets the tone for your space, defining different rooms and creating an inviting yet individualistic vibe. It helps define the personality of both the homeowner and their home, allowing you to get creative and bring character to your walls. Quality artwork is an investment, but it’s one you can easily bring with you if you move. Your home should be both cozy and stylish, and artwork is one of the best ways to enhance your home’s style. If you’re interested in how to pick the right artwork for your home, here are our best tips!

1. Decide on Size

When you’re decorating a room with artwork, you’ll have to decide whether you want one large piece of art or multiple smaller pieces to create a gallery wall. A large statement piece can make a big impact, whether you place it above your bed or sofa, or on your entryway wall. If you opt for one large piece of art, it’s typically best to leave the other walls bare so it can really make a statement. If you opt for smaller pieces, start with a painting, print or photograph you love, and build it from there. Draw on the colours, style and feel of the original piece and add in other artworks to create a cohesive look. 

2. Let Your Decor Style Guide You

Art is typically one of the last decor pieces to be selected. If you already have a decor theme going on in your home, let this guide your art pieces. Perhaps your home is decorated in Scandanavian style, vintage decor or sleek, modern elements. Make your artwork selections based on the furniture and accessories you already have. Your artwork should complement and bring the rest of the room together. Along with the artwork itself, if you choose to go with a piece that has a frame, allow the frame to emphasize your personal decor style too. 

3. Consider Colour 

The colours in your space should also direct your artwork decisions. Art allows you to use bold colour schemes or shades you would only consider using for an accent wall. Incorporate colours that are already present in the room, and stick to a complementary colour scheme to ensure the space looks cohesive and sophisticated. Your wall colour should guide the colours in your artwork- use the same colour in different shades. A navy blue and white painting looks amazing against a soft blue wall. If you’re confused about colour, black and white artwork is always a safe bet!

4. Go To Art Events Featuring Emerging Artists

Check the art galleries in your city for upcoming events with emerging artists. Visit the shows and get to know the artists and their work. Choose a piece from an artist that really connects to you and that you can see in your space. Buying from up-and-coming artists is a great way to get a deal on beautiful pieces of art before they become highly coveted.

5. Get a Piece Commissioned

Are you a fan of a certain artist but don’t see a piece that would work for your space? Or perhaps you love a certain abstract piece, but wish it was available in different colours. Get a piece commissioned to get exactly the right size for your space, in the style and colours you love. Make sure the artist you want a piece from has experience making commissions and don’t ask them to stray too far away from their style. Work together to create a piece you’re both proud of!

Artwork can completely transform your home. Find artwork you love and allow it to emphasize your style and personality.