How to Perfectly Match Your Window Box to Your Home

Window boxes offer a stylish statement to the exterior of your home, adding colour and life, and welcoming people to your abode. They’re essentially a miniature garden in a box, and what could be more charming than that? A window box adds visual appeal to your exterior and allows you to get creative with your choice of flowers, colours and plants! They’re a great way to spruce up your home and don’t require the commitment of a full garden, yet make a similar impact. Here are our best tips for perfectly matching your window box to your home.

1. Complement Your Home

First and foremost, your window box should complement your home. It should fit seamlessly with your design and look like it was built at the same time your home was. Choose window boxes in materials and colours that complement your home’s exterior. Paint them in the same colour as your window trim, or create a gorgeous contrast, like wood window boxes with black trim and shutters.

2. Pay Attention to Length

Your window boxes should be the same length as your windows. If they’re too long or short, they’re not going to look proportional and they’ll throw off your entire facade. If you find window boxes you’re completely in love with but they’re not the EXACT same length, just make sure they’re not off by more than a couple of inches.

3. Make a Visual Statement with Your Flowers and Plants

The flowers and plants in your window box should be gorgeous and varied. Play around with colours, textures and sizes to ensure you make a beautiful visual statement that complements your home.

Do you want the flowers to hang over the boxes? How high do you want your flowers to come up on your windows? What colour scheme do you want to stick to? Do you want to add plants like vines that drape over the front of the boxes? Take all these things into consideration when choosing the flowers and plants for your window box!

4. You’ll Need Proper Drainage

Don’t forget- your window boxes will need proper drainage for your plants to bloom and flourish. Some window boxes come with holes in the bottom to ensure that excess water can drain out, but for the ones that don’t, you’ll have to drill holes yourself. Drill one-inch holes in the bottom, about six inches away from one another.

5. Do Your Plant Research

Not all plants require the same maintenance in terms of watering and sunlight. Do your research before choosing flowers and plants for your window boxes, and take into account the type of sunlight your window boxes will get. The types of plants you choose will depend on whether your window boxes will be receiving direct sunlight year-round or if they’re placed in shaded areas.

Window boxes are a beautiful way to make a statement for your home exterior. Use these tips to match your window box perfectly to your home!