How to Master A Sweet Cottage Reno

If you’re one of the lucky ones who owns a cottage and a home, you have two places you need to think about for renovations. Unless you have a newly built retreat, your cottage may be in need of some love and updates. Many cottages are passed down through families, which makes them cherished treasures, but it also means they’ve seen better days. If your cottage is in need of some TLC, follow these steps to master a sweet cottage reno!

Decide on a New Colour Scheme

Updating the colours of your cottage can make a huge difference! Decide on a colour scheme by figuring out what feel and vibe you want your cottage to have. Would you love to have a seaside-inspired cottage? Opt for white siding with light blue accents and a medium wood door. Is the rustic vibe more your thing? Go for navy blue siding and a dark wood door with white accents.

Update Your Siding

One of the biggest cottage updates you can make is changing your siding. If your current siding is falling apart or is in poor condition, it’s time to upgrade! Siding has the power to totally transform your cottage and ensure whatever design you’re dreaming of comes to life!

From vinyl board and batten siding to distinction steel siding (which offers the look of read wood, without the maintenance!), to fiber cement siding there are plenty of siding options for your cottage retreat.

Upgrade Your Door

Your cottage may also benefit from a new door, especially if the one it has now is decades old! If you’re going to put a new door on your cottage, make sure it has lots of charm. You can ensure charm through the colour and design you choose for the door. Creams, soft blues and woods often work best for cottage doors, depending on your design style, of course!

Add Window Shutters and Trim

Window shutters and trim are two the of the best ways to add charm and personality to your new and improved cottage. Choose colours that will compliment the shade of your siding and door, as well as the all around vibe of your cottage. Will you be planting or potting flowers? Can you see water in the horizon? Take your surroundings into consideration when choosing your accent colours!

Exterior Accessories

Another way to elevate your cottage reno is by adding exterior accessories. Everything from outdoor lantern lighting to a porch bench with throws and pillows to a charming doormat and large potted flowers can give you cottage exterior so much personality!

Just like your home, the curb appeal of your cottage is the first thing people see when they walk by. Make it a stunning stand out by mastering these cottage reno upgrades!