How to Make Your Home Smell Awesome All The Time

Do you ever walk into your home and wonder where that funky smell is coming from? Rest easy knowing that you’re not alone, but also know that there are ways to make your home smell awesome all the time! You’ll never have to feel self-conscious about inviting people over, or wonder if you’ll have to plug your nose as you walk into your house again! With these 9 tips, your home will always smell fresh and amazing!

1. Open Your Windows

Opening your windows can make a world of a difference to the smell of your home. It will freshen the indoor air and eliminate any cooking smells or other lingering odours in your home.

2. Use an Air Purifier

Use an air purifier to eliminate household odours and keep your home smelling fresh! Air purifiers also reduce dust and pollen, so you’ll be breathing the in the cleanest air possible.

3. Light Candles

Find a few candle scents you love and burn them throughout your house. Candles are a sure way to make sure your home always smells amazing. If you notice a particularly bad odour coming from your home (perhaps it’s the garbage, cat litter or dirty dishes in the sink), deal with the odour, open the windows and light a candle to first eliminate the bad smell and then make it smell great!

4. Spray Your Shoes

Do you have shoes piled up in your entryway? This could be contributing to the odour in your home. Spray the insides of your shoes to banish any bad scents that are coming from them. Foot powder also works well for this!

5. Use Essential Oils and a Diffuser

There are so many different essential oils that will make your home smell awesome. Add some water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil into a diffuser and enjoy as the scent wafts through your home.

6. Add Indoor Flowers and Plants

Another natural way to make your home smell great is with indoor flowers and plants. Live plants freshen the air in your home and your favourite flowers will make it smell incredible. Growing herbs in your kitchen is another great way to enhance the scent in that room.

7. Empty Your Garbage Cans Regularly

This may seem obvious, but sometimes life gets in the way and you don’t empty your garbage cans as soon as you should. Make sure to take out your garbage and compost regularly so it doesn’t start to stink up your home.

8. Clean Out Your Refrigerator

Your refrigerator can be another source of bad odour. If you’ve left food in there for too long, it could be rotting and cause a nauseating smell in your home. Go through your fridge once a week and throw out anything that’s ready to go!

9. Make Sure No Dishes Are Left In The Sink

Dishes with food left on them can be another bad-scent culprit, and if they’re left in the sink for too long, the odour is sure to get worse and worse. Clean your dirty dishes as soon as you can to prevent the bad odour from drifting through your home.

With these 9 tips, you’ll never have to worry about your home smelling bad again. Use them to make your home smell awesome all the time!