How to Incorporate Vintage into a Modern Home 

Trends in modern home design are constantly evolving. New ideas bring exciting changes for homeowners looking to stay on top of the latest trends, like using vintage pieces in your space. Done properly, incorporating timeless vintage accessories into your home can produce an interior that feels and looks modern and chic. It’s a smart idea to think of a plan for your space, as choosing multiple vintages finds at random can create a stuffy and dated look. Like always when purchasing furniture, make sure the items you bring into your home will serve a purpose. See our list of 4 vintage accessories you can add into your home to modernize your space.

1. Record Player

With features such as the warmth of sound, great surface noise, the ability to be fully analog and lossless, we’re not entirely sure why vinyl ever left us. With their functional and stylish features, homeowners are using record players again. Find the right record player for your interior, and create different looks in your space by playing with different styles of record players. For example, a dark wood antique record player can be featured in an antique corner with additional antique items, like an old bar set. Or, stick to an all-white colour palette and lay the record player on a white bookshelf, creating a fresh and modern look.

2. Vintage Lighting

Vintage lighting accessories such as pendants and wall sconces are easy to install in your home and also add personality. From delicate paper lanterns to ornate chandeliers and vintage glowing light bulbs, choose a vintage light with features that match your interior style. Elegant chandeliers with a vintage finish can also make a gorgeous statement somewhere such as your dining room.

3. Antique Dining Tables

A great strategy to incorporate vintage into your home for a modern feel is to add contrast by putting together new and old items in unexpected ways. Pair a vintage dining table with modern upholstered seating, or feature multiple plants and modern candles on your vintage table to fuse old with new.

4. Vintage Cupboards

Wooden vintage cupboards against an exposed brick wall in any room or against a tile backsplash in the kitchen have the potential to modernize the look of your space. If you want to create added vibrance and texture to your cupboards, try painting them in neutral colour palettes. Be careful of incorporating vintage cupboards into your space if your kitchen has yet to be renovated or remodelled in recent times. Vintage cupboards in a kitchen with a tile countertop, outdated paint colours, and old appliances will end up looking dated, junky and just about the opposite of modern.

Don’t be afraid to set the trend among your friends with vintage accessories! The benefits of incorporating vintage items into your home will be justified as you sit comfortably in your new and modern space, with a design you can’t replicate from a big-box store.