How to Enjoy Your Patio in the Fall and Winter Months

Patios may be synonymous with summer, but why let them go to waste in the cooler months? You may not want to sit in an open patio in the dead of winter, but there are a few handy tips and tricks you can pull out so you can enjoy your patio all year round!

From adding a heat source to throwing a holiday party your guests can enjoy indoors and out, here’s how to enjoy your patio in the fall and winter months!

Add a Heat Source

When the temperature cools down, it’s up to you to heat it up! Adding heat sources next to seating areas on your patio is a great way to extend your time outside. This heat source can be permanent or portable, ranging from fire pits to outdoor heaters and outdoor fireplaces.

Add an Enclosure

If your patio is completely open, it’s going to be hard to enjoy your time outside when temperatures drop below zero. Consider upgrading to a screened-in patio or a covered gazebo so you can stay outside when the chilly weather hits. When you have a patio enclosure that can shield you from the elements and keep you warm, you’ll enjoy it that much more!

Weatherproof Furniture

Weatherproof furniture is key if you want to enjoy your patio in the fall and winter months. Patio furniture made from materials like teak and polyresin wicker are weather-resistant and made to stand up to the elements. Weatherproof furniture allows you to sit outside and enjoy the outdoors all year round. Just make sure it’s covered and to bring any pillows and cushions inside when it rains or snows.

Cozy Decor

Your patio will feel more comfortable and livable when you add cozy decor. Think: Throw pillows, faux fur throws, knit blankets and cushions for your seating areas. You can also add additional light sources so you can enjoy the patio when the sun goes down (especially since it gets dark earlier in the fall and winter!). String lights can add festive warmth to your patio, but you can also go for path markers, spotlights or lanterns.

Plan Fun Activities

Invite a bunch of friends over and whip up some mulled wine or hot chocolate to enjoy on the patio. The body warmth from all your friends is sure to warm you up, and you can get a game of cards going or set up a TV to watch a movie or sports game! The addition of a heating source and cozy decor will also help to keep you all warm.

Host an Indoor/Outdoor Holiday Party

An indoor/outdoor holiday party is a great way to utilize your cozy patio in the winter. Decorate the inside of your home and your patio with holiday decor, and make sure your outdoor space has a good heating and light source so your guests can enjoy it all through the night!

Once you season-proof your patio, it’s an extremely versatile addition to your home. Use these tips and enjoy your patio in the fall and winter months!